Obama 'Reaganesque?' Not a spick of cereal on Ronald Reagan's rug….

Empty, Stupid Happy Talk is NOT “Reaganesque”

If I hear one more lamestream media pundit or anchor call Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Unionspeech “Reaganesque,” I will… never mind, in the new age of civility, I am not allowed to complete that sentence…..


“Reaganesque??” WTF?  The despicable Marxist fraud is no more than a spick of dirt under Ronald Reagans feet.

Don’t fool yourself… Journolist is alive and well.
It was apparent this week after Obama’s SOTU Address that the state-run media is still coordinating their message to the American people.

All three major networks described Obama’s confusing speech as being “Reaganesque.”
They want so desperately for the failed socialist they helped elect to appear like the beloved Ronald Reagan.
Media Research Organization reported:

They want us to believe that the man who bows to Hu Jintao and King Abdullah and theJapanese Emperor is the next Reagan. Good grief.
H/t: Dry Bones via eye on the world

Op-ed: “Obama is a Radical Leftist who Seeks to Dismantle Capitalism”

Under Hussein Obama’s watch, America is being reduced to a second-class nation. Our trade deficits are huge. The dollar is plummeting. Investment capital and businesses are fleeing. The economy remains stagnant. Unemployment is high. Power and wealth are slowly shifting toward the East – especially China.

In fact, like most ideologues, Mr. Obama is quite open about his intentions. Despite forging a popular tax deal with Republicans, the president in his speech returned to the cardinal principle of the progressive left: class warfare. He vowed that the Bush tax cuts would not be extended permanently, saying the only way to curtail skyrocketing deficits effectively is to raise taxes on “the wealthy” – those making more than $200,000 a year.

The Democratic strategy has been to erect a bloated Franco-German entitlement state, which is marked by high spending and burdensome regulatory oversight, in order to compel huge tax increases. Obamacare, the stimulus package, the massive expansion of government power – all of this has led to runaway deficits and a fiscal reckoning. Mr. Obama understands that European-style spending inevitably results in European-style taxation. He is the consummate anti-Reagan.

More…H/t: Fox Nation/eye on the world