Amsterdam police chief will not order his officers to enforce burqa ban

Dereliction of Duty or Mutiny, which one is it?

Richard comments:

my thought is that the reason why the police in Amsterdam never command any respect is because of statements like the one from Welten. When laws are passed (for better or worse) it is the sole job of the police to enforce them. It is not up to the chief to overrule what the government has voted (and the people who voted for them). It only opens up endless chances to ignore, disrespect, and argue over what the Police ought to be doing. The police on the street now have to face the ridicule on yet another issue.

Amsterdam police chief Bernard Welten will not order his officers to arrest women wearing a burqa when the government introduces a ban, he told a tv show.

Police officers should always be sensible, Welten said. “I do not always consider myself an instrument of the government who should immediately do what I am told”, he is quoted as saying. It is “a very complicated dilemma”, he said, adding that the role of the police is to protect freedom, equality and justice.

Hero Brinkman, a former policeman and MP for the anti-Islam PVV told the Telegraaf Welten’s comments are unacceptable. The police should be subject to the government’s will, he said, “otherwise we live in a banana republic”.

Dutch News, 5 January 2011

Update: See “Coalition furious at police chief’s burqa comments”,Dutch News, 5 January 2011

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam police chief will not order his officers to enforce burqa ban”

  1. Easy solution – remove him from his position. The police are subordinate to the Government [and the will of the people (in principal :-)) – sarcasm]

  2. Police are supposed to enforce laws made by others.
    They are not supposed to choose which laws they will enforce.
    Fire every cop who will not enforce the burka ban.
    And the people themselves should taunt those wearing the burkas by speaking the text of the law banning the burka out loud.

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