Australian Gun Control Facts

Not so different from Swedish gun laws:

Andrew Bolt:

KRudd now declares a dictatorial Marxist his inspiration (surprised? I’m not….)

Foreign Minister KRudd finished his astonishingly pointless and humiliating tour overseas with a typically bizarre announcement in Chile:

And very finally could I say that I just been moved to visit the rooms which Presidente Allende occupied in 1973. Those of us who studied in Australian universities in the seventies were inspired by Allende. So for me this has also been something of a personal and political pilgrimage.

KRudd was inspired by Allende?

By which part of the Allende agenda precisely?

Salvador Allende:

Our objective is total, scientific, Marxist socialism.

Kevin Rudd, the man Allende allegedly “inspired”:

I am not a socialist. I have never been a socialist and I never will be a socialist.

So I ask again: in what way precisely did Allende “inspire” Rudd? Or was our foreign minister just lying again?

One way or another, it’s better if the batsman is Muslim

The conversion of a rare Christian in the Pakistani team to Islam as a sign of, of … well, of a batsman finally freed from a pressure distracting him from his cricket:

Age reporter Peter Roebuck gushes  and whines that  Australia is -somehow- not inclusive enough:

Cricket Australia has been presiding over a mono-culture. In its long history Australia has not fielded a single Hindu or Buddhist. Aborigines have been few and far between and the team has remained mostly white.

Diversity is everything. Perhaps we should have quotas.


What about women and the glass ceiling?

What about Aboriginals and boatpeople?

How about one-legged lesbians & straight shootin’ gays?

You don’t see any of those in cricket.

Why not?

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  1. Peter Roebuck is a second rate intellect and a second rate journalist. Just don’t bother reading his rubbish!!!

  2. Unfortunately – other people do!
    You don’t see many short-sighted, left handed blond females in ‘islamic’ cricket either – sexism!

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