"Devout Muslim" Causes Cultural Enrichment DownUnder

No Beach For You:

  • Wife joined Afghan husband six months ago
  • She wanted to go to beach, says neighbour
  • Girl with stab wounds found by police

A STABBING that left a two-year-old girl dead started with her parents arguing over a trip to the beach.

Vlad Tepes has video:

A toddler tragically stabbed to death and her mother attacked, too – all, reportedly, over an argument about going to the beach. But was this also a case of culture clash, in which Afghan notions of a wife’s duty to obey her husband have collided violently with Australia’s greater individualism?

Andrew Bolt

The Daily Telegraph reports the girl was found fatally wounded in her family’s unit after her mother was repeatedly stabbed in front of two young neighbours in the carpark at Canley Vale, in Sydney’s south-west.

It is alleged the Afghan woman, 24, had been fighting with her husband over going to the beach and he had chased her with a knife.

The woman had banged on a neighbour’s door seeking help about 6.45pm Saturday.

A neighbour’s young sons were in the car park and screamed when they saw the attack, which left the woman with chest and shoulder wounds and slumped in the entrance to the building .

Her 32-year-old husband was under police guard in hospital last night after their daughter was found fatally stabbed in their unit.

A female neighbour, who asked not be identified, said the woman had joined her husband from Afghanistan about a year-and-a-half ago, and the couple had lived in the unit for about six months.

The husband, a security guard, had migrated from Afghanistan about five years ago, she said.

The neighbour said the couple had been arguing because the wife wanted to go to the beach and her husband would not let her.

The woman left their unit and went downstairs to a friend’s apartment for about two hours.

Later that day, the woman fled her apartment and frantically knocked on her friend’s door again, pleading for assistance.

The neighbour’s sons, who were interviewed by police yesterday, then allegedly saw the husband stab his wife in the wrists, chest, stomach and face.

It is alleged the husband then returned to his apartment and locked the door.

Police attempted to make contact but could not enter until about 8pm, when they found the little girl suffering stab wounds.

She was taken to hospital but died shortly before 10pm.

The husband was found in the unit with stab wounds to his chest.

He was placed under arrest and taken to hospital, where he remained in a serious but stable condition.

His wife was at the same hospital, where her condition is listed as stable.

Another neighbour said she had opened her front door and seen the wife covered in blood.

11 thoughts on “"Devout Muslim" Causes Cultural Enrichment DownUnder”

  1. Some questions!!!!!

    1) Why was this muslim pig given a job as a security guard.
    2) Why was the woman and child not given adequAte protection against the muslim male idiot??

  2. Given that the neighbour asked to remain anonymous suggests that the muslim scum are trying to throw their weight about in Sydney.

  3. Our government has no interest in the National Interest, kaw, or in the welfare of its citizens.

  4. Has anyone ventured out onto the streets of Sydney lately.
    Bloody hell, one in five people were caucasian last time I ventured into the cbd, the rest were predominantly asian and middle eastern.
    What the hell is going on!?
    Why are our leaders throughout the west, quietly and on the sly, flooding our countries with immigrants?
    And why is it happening everywhere in the west seemingly in a coordinated way?
    Just how much control do the global communists and elitist social engineers have now in the west?
    And Christianity, Judaism are systematically denigrated while Islam is protected and promoted by the elitists and the lamestream media.
    It’s bloody creepy.

  5. How many more women and children have to die in honour killings in once-civilised Western countries for everyone to wake up to what is glaringly obvious – Islam if totally incompatible with human rights and civilised norms.

    That poor little girl, who never had a chance to grow up. Mind you, perhaps she was spared the horror of growing up a Muslim woman, forced into marriage with a husband who repeatedly raped and beat her.
    Maybe she is well out of the hell that is Islam.

    But where oh where are the feminists?
    When are they going to stand up for women’s rights, not just nonsense issues, but matters of life and death – honour killings, beatings, stonings, fgm, the whole catastrophe that is Islam?

  6. Kaw:

    “Why was this muslim pig given a job as a security guard.”

    A huge number of entrants to the Sydney security industry are Muslims and many of them are so illiterate with such poor English they couldn’t get jobs as taxi drivers.

    This video shows the problem,

    whereby they come into the industry via shonky training companies and the useless Labor Government has created a system which discourages any intelligent Australian from wanting to have anything to do with the security industry. As such, it’s only total deadshits these days who enter it. Hope that answers the question.

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