Australia: Muslims call for 'radical' radio station to be closed

Appears to be another case of   “my Allah is better than yours”….

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”Why would the government hand over a radio licence to a cult?”

Indeed. Why does our government do that?

THE nation’s peak Islamic group has warned that the radio licence of the Sydney-based Muslim station 2MFM, which has been accused of links to a ”radical cult”, should not be renewed because it is promoting ”sectarian fringe views”.

The Australian National Imams Council said the application by Muslim Community Radio Incorporated (MCRI) to continue running the station is misleading and falsely claims it has the support of mainstream Muslims.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam, has also warned the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that 2MFM ”adheres to a doctrine that would lead many Muslims to feel that they are being accused of blasphemy and apostasy”.

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”This is a very serious matter within our community and can lead to people being shunned and families being split. This leads to a serious erosion of the very social fabric of our community.”

But a 2MFM spokesman said it was a false accusation. He said it ”uses every opportunity to interact with the various backgrounds of the community and endeavours to represent their various interests and views”.

”[It] has been a leader and a pioneer with a reputable 15 years of service and thrives to satisfy the taste of its diverse listeners.”

The licence for 2MFM is due for renewal in May but even one of its founders, who wrote the station’s last renewal application in 2005, has distanced himself from the group, which is associated with the Islamic Charity Projects Association that is in turn linked with the controversial Muslim group known as Al-Ahbash.

Al-Ahbash was founded in Lebanon in the 1950s by an Ethiopian cleric. Its critics have said it is a fringe cult organisation and violent, claims the group has always denied.

The former insider, Mustapha Kara-Ali, a member of the Howard government’s Muslim reference group, agrees that they have become more of a ”cult” than a mainstream organisation.

”Why would the government hand over a radio licence to a cult? 2MFM operates as a closed system with some of it members and volunteers belonging to the Ahbash group, and this has adversely affected its ability to encourage participation from the general Muslim community,” he said.

”They have a major weapon in their hands and they are using it as a recruitment tool for their sect.

”The Darulfatwa association through which 2MFM holds its claim for community representation was set up by the Ahbash group with the majority of its member bodies initiated as dummy groups with the same inception date in 2004. In fact, a portion of the 2MFM premises was partitioned as an office for this new association.

”I was involved in the licence agreement, I served as a member of the initial board, but I do not think it should be renewed.

”I have come to realise they are a very controversial group with a static operational structure that has not kept up with the evolving Muslim community interest.”

The submission by the Imams Council, the only central Islamic body that holds key representation of about 100 religious leaders from around the country, also has the backing of 67 Muslim organisations consulted about the licence.

The submission said that 2MFM has given misleading information to the Australian Communications and Media Authority that is such a serious matter it should disqualify it from holding a radio licence. The spokesman for 2MFM said that was untrue.

A social researcher commissioned by the Imams Council to scrutinise the licence renewal documents found a number of the organisations listed as being members and supporting 2MFM were not real organisations and suggested an independent audit. He said the applicant clearly does not meet the criteria for the radio licence.

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  1. * ”Why would the government hand over a radio licence to a cult?”

    Same reason they would make this person “Australia’s youth voice nationally and internationally”?

    [Samah Hadid is a 22 year old human rights advocate from Sydney]
    [She is also a member of Amnesty International’s Diversity Steering Committee]
    [She has also been a volunteer with the Muslim Women Association for 7 years]
    [Samah is also a co author of the book The Future by Us, writing about citizenship and immigration]
    [Samah has advised state and national governments on youth participation, multiculturalism and social inclusion]

    And so it goes.

  2. So one chapter of Islamic Sociopaths Inc. is pissed that another Chapter of Islamic Sociopaths Inc. has control of Islamic Sociopaths Inc. Radio station?
    Oh we Australians are so lucky to have Good Islamic Sociopaths Inc. protecting us from Bad Islamic Sociopaths Inc. and looking out for us.

    These arse clowns have managed to prevent the obvious question been asked, that is “Why is there a Good or Bad Islamic Sociopaths Inc. radio station at all in a Judeo Christian Western Democracy like Australia?

    The only GOOD Muslim is a BAD Muslim.

    Imagine there’s NO Islam.

  3. “The Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam”
    Sorry but have I been asleep too long ?
    Who made this arse clown the “The Grand Mufti of Australia” there is no “Grand Mufti of Australia” Australia is 69% Christian and less than 1 % Muslim.
    This soiling of Australia’s name on the international stage, by attaching this title, to this whoever this Muslim wannabe is, is an insult to all Australians, these Muslims and their soothsayer /witch doctor /Voodoo /Jinn/ Anti Christs / Imams / Mufti’s Community Organizers, should remember they are TOLERATED in OUR Country, that is far removed from been ACCEPTED in our Country.
    These allah worshiping cultists were imposed upon Australians, not invited or welcomed into OUR lands, they are simply the detritus of the manifestations of the failed societies that make up the various cesspools that are Islamic lands.

    Identification+ Internment+ Repatriation of Muslims = a Free and Prosperous Judeo Christian Western World

  4. Nazism’s deadly wound has largely been healed, but the Mark II version will be destroyed, and will never reappear.

  5. Taqiyya telling bastards.

    If you live in Sydney, if you turn on your car radio you will find it difficult to get an English speaking radio station. It is all Muslim, Muslim and more Muslim. The music is Arabian, and who knows what is being said or planned via their radio networks? They know what we are saying!

    On our taxpayers bus system in the metro area of Sydney, every little rat shit Muslim has his “stuff” turned up to the max and we cant even hear our own conversations over their Arabic stations.

    The pigs eat on our busses. Drink on our busses and on a hot summer day the smell of the burqu swills around us until we need to put a handkerchief to our mouth and nose. They allow their kids to defile the busses with food and drink and their incessant screaming at them is like a Bazaar in Bagdad and we have to “Surrender” to this crap, and the drivers are told to say nothing. I know two drivers and this is what they tell us. Plus risking an attack from them at a later time.

    We, the taxpayers of this country demand better than this. And we have the right to speak out about the thieft of our taxation funds from us to fund a group of people who wish us harm. This has got to stop.
    But whoever said a politician had a brain in their head.

    Australia will need billions to help our fellow Australians throughout this flood crisis. 1. Will our politicians keep bringing in boat people while needed money should go to the flood victims. 2. If money is available for emergencies like this one, which is unparralled in our history, why is there no money in normal situations to house our own and to feed our own. 3. We, the Australian people are never backward in helping the numerous Muslim causes around the world, Tzunami, Earthquakes, and as they have all the money now, will we see some rich oil Sheik grant a billion dollars for Dhimmis like us?

  6. Cathy,
    Write to as many politicians as you can fin – and every person has to write. I don’t want to see any muslim money in this country, because it comes with strings attached.

  7. Cathy Gee, write to Julia Brown nose Gillard, to return the $500 million dollar cheque back to the Australian people, which she so GENEROUSLY gave Indonesia for building MUSLIM SCHOOLS, ( done WITHOUT our agreement) and demand that this money be donated to our OWN people, the flood victims of Queensland… Charity begins at HOME!! Oh and the OTHER $500 Million she has promised them later must NOT be allowed!!

  8. Cathy Gee,wont be long before you have to share a seat with a Goat and few chickens.
    I guess you could always carry a baby Pig in your hand bag as a suitable repellent.

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