Is America’s right-wing political ‘hate speak’ responsible for the Arizona massacre?

A poll at the Australian ABC asks:

Is America’s right-wing political ‘hate speak’ responsible for the Arizona massacre?

More than 75 per cent vote yes.

If you believe Australians are completely out of their minds, you are probably right.  How about a poll for “Are ABC viewers gullible morons?”

But then again – Australia does have Gillard as PM, and Queensland recently prepared for endless drought, and Gillard gave Indonesia $500 million +   to build islamic schools, and one million to flood victims in Australia…and, and….      (H/T Tim Blair)


After the shooting democrats immediately plotted to blame the tea party for the shootings by the young leftist crackpot. No wonder, because only they have the cure for the disease they caused: Democrats Will Introduce Legislation Outlawing Inflammatory Language (Gateway)

Vile, pernicious, obsessed and deranged: Sheriff Dipshit yammers on about “vitriol”, proves that HE is a mental case:

the left is so full of shiite they need to prove they’re made of it:

Not that facts will change this wave of hate on the Left. And not that it matters that exactly 2 months earlier they themselves called for a revolution and a violent overthrow of the government.
The Left Call Blood Libel Against Palin (eye on the world)

The Blaze:

WatchMegyn Kelly Confronts AZ Sheriff Over ‘Political Spin’ on Shooting Media

“Is it the place of a sheriff to stir the pot on either side of the political aisle?” (pissweak. She could have destroyed him, she chose not to….) Read More »


11 thoughts on “Is America’s right-wing political ‘hate speak’ responsible for the Arizona massacre?”

  1. Are the idiotic Americans who believe it was imaginary ‘Right Wing Hate Speech’ which MADE the lunatic shoot the Congresswoman MORONS. I vote yes.

  2. The problem: the left wing, whose nut case actually committed the crime, are now trying to rewrite history in their favor at the cost of ALL.

  3. At present the poll is comprised of 313 votes – statistically this is NOTHING.
    So vote people – it appears the left wing ABC twits are trying their best to help obama.

  4. From VFR

    The media have not bothered to mention some of the more “rude and crude” comments our esteemed “Genius in Chief” Barry has made over the past couple of years. Lines such as, “If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun,” or, “Republicans should sit in the back of the bus,” or his remark that middle class white Americans “cling to guns and religion and dislike of people who are different,” or, most recently, his shocking comment to Hispanics that they should look at Republicans who oppose amnesty as their “enemies” whom they should “punish.” Naturally, the media do not suggest that Obama has been planting hatred of white conservatives in the hearts of liberals and minorities.

  5. Very weird connection. And great nic Lodabullah.

    Please the left says and does a whole bunch of crap that is blatantly dangerous and the moon bats wearing the tinfoil hats nod their heads and agree! How anyone can blame the right and Palin is beyond rational thought….so I guess that why the left is voting yes.

  6. The “progressive” mindset is truly frightening.
    They not only suffer delusions & paranoia, they seem disconnected from reality altogether. Remember that the next time you even think of casting a vote for the Democrats.

  7. Actually I was watching this program on ABC and it was Prue Goward, a Howard appointee who stressed that right or left had nothing to do with it. It was the action of a mentally deraynged patient who should have been put into care and kept for the term of his natural life. There is no cure for insanity unfortunately.

    However, the Americal Society generally has a lot to answer for by way of its hysteria media reports, filthy language in film and music with no self respect for themselves. We have followed them into this abyss.

    American values have taken a nose dive in their recent history. It is such a pity. When I visited there on several occassions in the past it was a totally different country. Home of the Brave. Land of the Free, and it showed in their every day life. With explicit porn movies, where Hugh Hefner is made a hero, where music has reached an all time low and the hysteria beat up about things that need no comment whatsoever, and the big news is Britany Spears or similar drug addicts with talent being the big stories of the day. We have gone the same way.

    It should not matter which side of politics we belong to. The two party system has served us well. We must not take away our own strength by bickering between ourselves.

    We had once a Jewish and Socialist politician and a great reformer by the name of Sid Einfeld. He was the most highly respected man of his generation. He would stand up with the likes of Jack Lang and others. They ushered in great reforms for the working man and woman. They worked tirelessly for their people. We must stop the bickering and work together if we are ever to defeat the common enemy of Islam. I will not surrender to them.

    And, thanks for your support and my next job today is to write and print out a challenge to all politicians on both sides of the house and tell it how it is. I will ask them are they for the Australian peo;le or against us. Time will tell and I hope you will all do likewiise and send pieces from this site and others to show the true face of Islam. e.g. in today there are very informative essays about Muslim women and forced to marry first cousins and the amount of malformed and brain effected children born to them. I sent it to 20 people I know and they were stunned. The main thrust of their comment was “We will be paying for all of this and we cant get into hospitals”. Just keep our message going. Sorry I am very verbose but it has to be said.

    On Sydney TV the best they can come up with on their morning tv are “Lets count down to the most famous breasts in history” which is so stupid, and neglecting to tell what hapened overnight in our world. They never mention Christains murdered by Muslims, it is like it did not happen. How dare they treat those poor people so dismissivly. They are keeping our population as stupid as the American media does to their own people. What a big laugh “We the People etc.” These were the wonderful words of their forefathers in drafting a new and better world than they had left behind in Europe. What’s happened America?
    I feel so sad for you, that you have fallen so low. I know there are many, many wonderful Americans but their words never reach the mass media. What a pity.

  8. Well done Cathy – the only way to win the war is to take the lead and combat the disinformation war being practised by the islamists.

    As before people – if you have an incident with a muslim (good or bad) or know of one post it onto this site. Your information is needed.

  9. Great post Cathy. I’m an American in NYC and see the same thing you wrote about. It is sad, and disheartening to see this friggin’ amazing country being torn apart from the inside out. We have bowed down to the BS, and taken it on the chin. Its embarrassing. I’m still waiting for Hope and Change…..

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