Certified Lefty Nut Goes on Shooting Rampage, Far Left Loons Blame Sara Palin, Beck, Limbaugh….

Giffords shot. Palin framed

The New York Slimes wastes no time in finding the Palin angle to the attempted assassination of Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords, shot through the head by a lone (?) gunman:

During the fall campaign, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, posted a controversial map on her Facebook page depicting spots where Democrats were running for re-election; those Democrats were noted by crosshairs symbols like those seen through the scope of a gun. Ms. Giffords was among those on Ms. Palin’s map.

They’re mad. Now Paul Krugman smears the Tea Party movement – a grass-roots protest against big-spending government that’s not mentioned once in the alleged shooter’s ramblings (Andrew Bolt)

Hanoi Jane comes along for the ride:  Jane Fonda is nuts

(Atlas Shrugs)

Pathetic Sheriff exploiting today’s tragedy to slander the right. Scumbag.

WatchArizona Has Become the “Mecca for Prejudice and Bigotry”: Tucson Sheriff Blames Shootings on TV and Radio “Vitriolic Rhetoric”

Far left dipshit Sheriff Dupnik’s holding a press conference (that’s the guy who refused to enforce Arizona’s immigration law). Blames shooting on “vitriol coming out of certain people.” We all know who he’s talking about. More to follow.

FOX News reports the shooter’s favorite books: Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf

UPDATE: Democratic Underground removes the thread on Loughner here. Hmmmm, wonder why.

UPDATE: Shame on those like Arizona State Senator Linda Lopez, who blamed the tea party on FOX news without any basis in concretes or any knowledge of the identity of the gunman. They would never make such a public presumption about jihad or the leftists. Outrageous.

Horror in Arizona: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Critical Condition After Being Shot in Mass Shooting, Gunman in Custody

Federal Judge Among Those Killed in AZ Shooting

“We should kill him. He should be dead.” Read More »

16 thoughts on “Certified Lefty Nut Goes on Shooting Rampage, Far Left Loons Blame Sara Palin, Beck, Limbaugh….”

  1. Okay – left wing – originally I though it might of been an extreme right wing person. Now we need to analyze the response of the MSM and the politicians very carefully. They now have to report on one of their own.
    Are there any reports of a motive yet??

    If a person with right wing leanings had done this, sufficient ammunition would have been passed to the chief thug in the white house to further restrict private IT resources. However, this may still be the case with left wing morons linking the case, on no evidence whatsoever, to Palin etc etc.

    The lesson here is if you wish to retain your freedoms and be effective in the fight against the invaders one has to move very carefully. A study on the press response to this attack will be very informative and I hope readers do likewise.

  2. With respect to the KFC jihad incident. Analysis of some comments on youtube relating to this incident suggest that a major American bikie group (a known criminal organization) is supporting the muslim scum (who have formed an Australian chapter of this group). How far this support goes is something that people in the AFP (who do read these pages) might want to spend some time working on.

  3. Jane Fonda consorted and gave aid and comfort to north Vietnam when the US was at war with it. I never did understand why Jane Fonda was not stripped of her citizenship and expelled to North Vietnam.

  4. Only in America, DP111.

    Instead, she married another lefty loon, Ted Turner, the founder of Caliphate News Networx that promotes Islam in America.

    Those who oppose the leftist-Islamo tsunami get shot, vilified and criminalized. WTF is wrong with this society?

  5. Surely this can’t be true

    It must have been the JOOOOOS !!!

    We do everything else in the world, we can’t have missed this one !!

  6. Outrageous libel and slander are the most oft used tools in the left-wing toolbox. These malicious fiends, such as Crazy Jane, must be held accountable for the damage they do to innocent people. We need to start use the courts, the voting booths, and the marketplace as our place to make a stand. Perhaps a member of the Tea Party has standing to sue?

  7. The NY Times should be used for toilet paper and Jane Fonda should stick with what she does best….acting in shitty movies. Laughner is a disgrace to human life, a loser in need of attention. He’s a murderer, and the left is trying its hardest to stop smiling, they love it and want to make this horrific massacre the rights fault in some way, shape, or form. It would be nice if they gave a shit about the dead and wounded, but the left doesn’t care about them, they just care about putting the blame on Palin. Real smart *eyeroll*

    P.S. I love this site, you’re pretty clever and have great points.

  8. A lefty??? N0 way, this was a far right lunatic, one of Palin’s minions. Just who the hell are YOU anyway????? Why are you pointing fingers at the Left? Jeezus, you’re just as crazy as he is.

  9. Yeah, Lee Harvey Oswald was one of Palin’s minions also.

    How’s all that Hopn’Change coming along, elaine?

    Did the big ‘O’ pay your mortgage and put gas in your car yet?

  10. Elaine,
    Yell all you like – it appears the person was left wing. Shout at the MSM if you want to, but why would you if you are interested in a fair and honest press? Why point the finger at the left and the far right (in general and not for this case specifically) – because both are dangerous – heard of the center??

    BTW – A 9 year old girl was murdered, a judge was murdered, the investigation has just started, and you concern yourself with political labels!!!???

  11. Kaw, Elaine doesn’t care about the dead and wounded. She’s a barking moon bat with no feelings.

  12. Oh and Kaw, I’m betting Elaine is smiling about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing the funerals of the dead.
    Are you part of the WBC Elaine? Is your last name Phelps too??

  13. “vitriol coming out of certain people.” – yes… the left; people like Elaine and… Loughner. Loughner called Giffords “stupid and unintelligent” a couple of years ago already.

    Elaine is displaying the typical reaction: supposed ‘moral outrage’ followed by insults… nothing factual or logical as usual.

    Why they hate Palin – aside from being scared of her:
    (there’s a pick of Palin with a Hitler moustache on 1st page of above article; recently muslims protesting over standard bullshit in SA, also carried around a poster of the main opposition’s leader (Helen Zille) with such a moustache.

    Giffords was against illegal immigration (S1070), wanted more troops posted on AZ border and FOR gun rights. Perhaps this is why lefties put a “bull’s eye” on Giffords (June 2008) and singled her out along with others who don’t even deserve primaries:

    Let’s be honest here… Why the hell would a right-wing guy list The Communist Manifesto as a favorite book!?

    Elaine, please explain that? As far as I know he was a registered Dem too. And as for those lefties who love to say ‘Christianity/religion is evil’ (islam doesn’t count, isn’t a religion), this guy is an atheist… Oops! Now what?

    Just shows you what would happen if pot was legalised. And if guns are banned, that will only disarm the law-abiding citizens and none of them will be able to fight back against criminals and terrorists who obviously don’t give a damn (Dem?) about what the law says… or shoot back the next time a lefty loon opens fire on innocent people. But I suppose that is what they want? A domestic version of Obummer’s new START treaty which will be disarming America on military/international level.

    Let’s face it, the left just loves playing the victim (even when they’re the perpetrators of imaginary ‘hate crimes’):

  14. I just found this GREAT website while looking for teachings of Fr. Botros.
    I still don’t know the reason why Obama said not to “jump to conclusions” when the Muslim fanatic killed 13 on a military base. In fact it was all hushed up real quick. NOW,the phony jumps in to make a tearjerking speech and boost his ratings. Also,we keep hearing about it every day,but nothing about the Muslim nut,or the “Poor families”of the murdered,nor do we hear about the status of all the wounded and their families.
    What PHONIES the Left is!!!

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