Dedicated Sunni Muslims smoke more Shiites (and vice versa)

As usual, we are rootin’ for both sides:

Greasy Islamophobes explode five car bombs in Baghdad, killing 6, wounding 30 — no, wait…

Oddly enough, it was jihadists yet again. “Five Car Bombs Strike Baghdad Neighborhoods,” by John Leland in the New York Times, January 23 (thanks to JW):

BAGHDAD — Shattering a months-long period of relative calm in the capital, five car bombs exploded in different neighborhoods around Baghdad on Sunday morning, killing at least six people and wounding 30. The military defused another three car bombs….The attacks began shortly after 7, despite heightened security for the Shiite holiday of Arbain, an annual magnet for sectarian violence.

The bombs struck Sunni neighborhoods as well as Shiite ones. Two appeared directed at security forces, one at Iranian pilgrims marching in commemoration of Arbain. Targets of the other two were unclear. At least two of the cars used were taxis, which detonated when police officers were nearby, suggesting that they were set off remotely by people watching the scene….

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