Erdogan: don't call us Islamic terrorists, lets blame da Jooozzz instead….

Turkish Weekly thanks to Mullah

Turkish Premier Rejects Terminology Associating Islam with Terrorism

Erdogan pulls the rug out under the secular generals…..

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rebuked coining the term “Islamic terrorist organization” for Muslim groups that commit acts of terrorism.

“On every international occasion we have expressed our rejection of the term ‘Islamic terror organization.’ Bringing together the words of ‘Islam’ and of ‘terrorism’ is the biggest injustice that can be made to Islam. We are aware that a global campaign is underway against Muslims and we know who is behind that campaign,” Erdogan on Monday told a ceremony in the Kuwaiti capital where he was presented with the Outstanding Personality in the Islamic World Award of the Sheikh Fahad al-Ahmad International Award for Charity.

Erdogan said the anti-Muslim campaign in the West gained momentum particularly through the news media, saying “an insidious enmity” had been promoted.

“Is it possible to associate a religion with an inherent peaceful cause to terrorism? Those who kill in the name of Islam is gravely misguided and they stray from the religion itself,” Erdogan said.

Informed WoJ readers would beg to differ.

Erdogan said Turkey exerted sincere efforts to eliminate prejudices against Islam, however adding that Muslims should also do self-criticism.

6 thoughts on “Erdogan: don't call us Islamic terrorists, lets blame da Jooozzz instead….”

  1. Whats he on about? Smoking something special maybe?

    Most folks who have bothered to educate themselves know terror and fear is the cornerstone of islam!

  2. That’s really rich coming from a Turk. Just ask the Armenians, approximately 1.3 million of whom were massacred in the name of islam between 1894 and 1922. I’m waiting for the fatwa condemning this genocide, since it violates the tenets of a religion “with an inherent peaceful cause”.

  3. Just ignore the turd and make sure that our politicians are made to use the proper term “islamic terrorist”.

  4. I wish he would just tell us who is behind the campaign since he says he knows. I bet it’s Palin or that nut-job Limbaugh…maybe even Pamela Geller or why not Caroline Glick or Charles Krauthammer? Oh wait…I know who it is….it’s the islamists themselves! This is just another type of taqqiya and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With the OIC pushing the UN to adopt resolutions prohibiting religious defamation (read protect anything islamic only) the timing is just a wee bit coincidental. Erdogan is dangerous yet much of the media (including some conservatives) point to turkey as being a moderate muslim country to be emulated by others. Geez.

  5. Relax: Turkish PM again says there’s no Islamic terrorism

    Erdogan also famously said this about “moderate Islam”: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    He also said Muslims cannot commit genocide. (they’s just doing their religious duty) and a lot of other things. He also said ‘assimilation is a crime against humanity’, which simply means Islam must dominate and the caliphate restored.

    In this case, of course, he appears to be saying that the terrorists are twisting and hijacking Islam, but he could also mean that what the jihadis are doing is not terrorism. For Erdogan, groups like Islamic Jihad and Hizballah (the Party of Allah) and Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) do not commit acts of terrorism. They are jihadis, freedom fighters, warriors for Allah. And that is how he would like the West to think about them as well. And meanwhile, like so many other Islamic spokesmen around the world, he wants you to believe that people associate Islam with terrorism because of the work of greasy Islamophobes, not because Islamic jihadists themselves invoke Islam to explain and justify their violent actions.

    “Turkish Premier Rejects Terminology Associating Islam with Terrorism,” from Turkish Weekly, January 11

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