Lets shoot the sheriff and blame Eric Clapton!

Arizona Shooting Coverage Is a Media Campaign to Criminalize Conservatism

After having the  megaphone for 50 years, the Progressive Left is beside themselves that the  Citizens of the Country have finally woken up and are rejecting stridently  their Socialist katzenyammer….. and they don’t like it one bit. The Internet and Radio  have taken away the Tass and Pravda of America, i.e. the NY Times and  the Washington Post and many others.

Errol  Phillips

WatchCulture Police: AZ Sheriff  Dipshit Says His Recent Media Comments Are Part Of His Job’s Legal Responsibility US

Honestly, here you have a guy who refuses to do his job, who won’t arrest illegal criminals because he is a far left agit prop and a lunatic on top.   And because he went on TV and blamed Sarah Palin and “angry rhetoric” for a shooting in his jurisdiction he is the darling of the leftarded media. Pathetic!

You couldn’t make it up:

“Fox News incites violence….” (NewsBusters)

WatchMSNBC Analyst on Shooting: Media Has ‘Behaved Pretty Well,’ but not Conservatives Media

.…they should have “[turned] the other cheek…” Read More »

AZ Sheriff Again Blames ‘Free Speech’ for ‘Angry Country’ Benefiting ‘Some Party’ US

“We have become a very angry country.” Read More »

CNN Goes After Arizona’s Gun Laws as Major Factor in Shooting

Of course: only when everyone is muzzled, the population disarmed, only criminals  and Obama goons are allowed to have guns, a disarmed  population of angry teabaggers goes off to the gulags …..

Totally off the rails:

Watch‘Can We Get Someone To Shoot Sarah Palin?’: Twitter Users Call for Palin’s Death US

No hate-speech here, no violent rhetoric…?

6 thoughts on “Lets shoot the sheriff and blame Eric Clapton!”

  1. If the drug-addled Eric Clapton had ever read the “Book of Rastafari” he would realize that it actually says white men are the devil, in so many words. Much like Islam and the Koran/Hadiths…infidels are unclean, etc.

  2. Disgusting left. They either have excuses for everyone or they blame someone else. The ‘someone else” is usually convenient…..spit……

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