EU Brainwashing Denies the Roots of Our Civilization

Leo McKinstry

FILLED with barbaric hatred and envy, Islamic extremists constantly plot the downfall of our civilisation. Tragically for us they have an ally in their lethal cause: the elite of the European Union. Just like Muslim zealots, the ideological fanatics of Brussels have nothing but contempt for our Christian culture and our national identities. They aim to obliterate our past, our traditions and our patriotism so there will be little resistance to their imposition of a political entity called the United States of Europe.

Now we have received another graphic illustration of the sinister mentality at the heart of the EU machine. With its usual enthusiasm for mass propaganda, the EU Commission recently sent out millions of 2011 diaries to schools, 350,000 going to Britain alone. Produced at a cost to the taxpayer of £4.4million, these self-serving notebooks are full of the usual mendacious drivel extolling the virtues of EU unity and  celebrating multi-cultural diversity.

The diary laughably proclaims that the European Parliament is “the people’s voice”, whereas in truth the institution is despised for its remoteness from the people and its serial abuse of our money.

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Inevitably there is not a word about the shambles of the euro or the outrageous £5.5billion cost of the EU’s new, unwanted diplomatic service or the bloated salaries of eurocrats or the spectacular corruption in the EU’s accounts which have not been given a clean bill of health for 16 years. But what is outrageous is the diary’s refusal to even acknowledge the existence of the Christian faith in Europe. The pages list all the dates for Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivals but have no mention of any Christian celebrations. Yet the bureaucrats still found space to mention Europe Day on May 9, their self-styled commemoration of their project.

It’s like something that would have been produced by the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s novel 1984 in which the socialist regime devoted much of its time to rewriting history so the legacy of European civilisation would be forgotten.

The Christian faith is what built our society from the introduction of our moral code to the creation of great literature, architecture and music yet the EU wants to trash all this. It is not the first time the commission has behaved like this. When the EU’s constitution was being drawn up in 2004 there was a proposal to include a reference to Europe’s Christian roots but it was, predictably, thrown out.

In the wake of an outcry about the diary, the EU Commissioner in charge of information, John Dalli, gave a perfunctory apology and tried to dismiss the omission of the Christian events as nothing more than a mistake but this will not wash.

The diary betrays the classic politically-correct mind set of EU campaigners who hold that every other culture must be celebrated except their own. Masterminded by Catie Thorburn, a Scot living in Belgium, the production of the diary must have involved scores of editors, writers and proof readers yet they were all apparently so immersed in the anti-Christian, anti-Western view of the world that none saw anything wrong with such an insult to Europeans’ main creed.

There is a tremendous hypocrisy at work here. The EU bends over backwards to embrace other faiths and labels anyone as racist who objects to the dogma of multi-culturalism. The schools diary itself warns that within the EU “intolerance will not be tolerated” yet through these pages the EU has demonstrated intolerable prejudice against Christianity.

Supporters of the EU always sneer that their opponents, like this newspaper, are nothing more than reactionary xenophobes peddling scare stories to mislead the ignorant but the mask has now slipped.

The diary has revealed what our EU masters really think. The only “mistake” they made was to reveal too clearly their abhorrence for our traditional civilisation. That is why they are so anxious to keep dismantling the last vestiges of our frontiers, to promote more mass immigration from Asia and Africa, and to give EU membership to Turkey, bringing in 70 million Muslims. If that happens, Europe would become an Islamified continent within less than half a century.

Islamic hardliners don’t need their jihad. The EU is doing the job for them. On the eve of the Battle of Britain in 1940, Winston Churchill declared that “the survival of Christian civilisation” depended on the outcome. Thanks to the perfidious EU, that survival is in doubt without a shot being fired.

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