From Obama Rail to Time Travel

TIME Traveling: Lib Mag Transforms Obama From Socialist FDR to Conservative Reagan

Granted the liberal media hated Ronald Reagan. But suddenly this popular president is useful to their far left agenda.  Forget for a minute that Barack Obama is the anti-Reagan in every way…  The latest issue of TIME Magazine compares Obama to Ronald Reagan.

(When will America take this garbage out? GWP)

Moonbattery: ObamaRail (Take the ‘O’-Train)

You know it will never happen. But anyhow: lets invent stuff and make stuff…..

Palin calls Obama speech what it was:  “a WTF moment…”

The Manchurian moonbat of the hollow hand salute is also hollow when it comes to economics…..

It Was Historic: Obama Cheers Maoist Song at WH State Dinner & Praises Commie China In SOTU… All in One Week

The Obama regime has been in office only two years and already they’re playing Red Chinese anti-American commie songs at State Dinners in the White House.

The US was humiliated in eyes of Chinese by a song used to inspire anti-Americanism at the Obama State Dinner for Hu Jintao.   The American reported, via Instapundit

Marc Faber on Bloomberg 01/25/11
Faber rips a Manchurian Moonbat a new one. But you don’t need Marc Faber to ridicule the ‘Hop’nchange’ loon who wants to spend America into prosperity, all you need is common sense and you understand that instinctively:

These are the people who called Bush dumb….