UK Taxi Jihad: Muslim Kicks Woman Out of Cab For Carrying Beer

Daily Star via TROP:

Kuffar-and alcohol-phobia:

Allah is oft forgiving and merciful: Hypocrite  Anjem Chaudary on the grog….

No doubt ‘Baroness Warsi’ and her buddy ‘Lord’ Ahmed will be outraged over his kuffar-and alcohol-phobia and will get their co-religionist to apologize:

A MUSLIM taxi driver kicked a woman out of his cab because her shopping contained a 12-pack of lager.

Alison Dawson had just climbed in with her son and six bags of shopping when the cabbie saw the beer and said: “You’re not getting in with that.”

The stunned market stall holder was forced to haul her belongings out of the cab and across the rank to another taxi.

She said: “The driver looked at the beer and said: ‘You’re not getting in this cab. You can go and get in another one.’

“I was panicking because my nine-year-old son Lukas was not very well and I wanted to get home quickly.”

The 46-year-old furious mum, from Sheffield, has now complained to taxi licensing bosses.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked,” she said. “I’m sure he wouldn’t let me in because of his faith and I had alcohol. I am not prejudiced but if he is a taxi driver he should do his job….. (More)

8 thoughts on “UK Taxi Jihad: Muslim Kicks Woman Out of Cab For Carrying Beer”

  1. If she’d consumed the alcohol before getting into the cab, she’d be open to being groped or worse.

  2. Can someone get the Cab license number, and a description of the driver please?
    Enough is enough.

  3. Actually, I want the numbers – people have to start working to throw these scum out – and people have to start using laws we have for our own needs. The number of the Cab and a description of the driver please.

  4. His description, wearing a dirty bed sheet, unshaven, sweaty, arrogant and probably somewhat delusional. Number of the cab unknown.

  5. And yet a woman in england was recently fired for requesting a NON MUSLIM cab driver for her 14 year old daughter. I mean forget that young women are being raped all the time in cabs, by muzzie shitscum drivers. How racist of her, but this guy, what he’s doing THAT’S okay. From now on, enter the cab, if they refuse slap them in the face with some raw bacon and tell them to suck shit.

  6. She should have asked for a policeman to be called, and waited in the cab. The policeman should then call the Taxi Lecence Officer who would come immediately.
    The muslim shitbag would then be in the fertiliser and his licence endangered.

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