'Growing Muslim Community' gets a new mosque in Canberra….

What the naive, multicultural loons from the left ignore, is the simple fact that every mosque is a claim for territory and Islamic domination. Needless to mention that this mosque, like so many others before it, is being forced on  residents and any resistance is being criminalized.

ABC (thanks to Mullah)

After a decade of work, Canberra’s newest mosque has been approved for a site in the north suburb of Gungahlin.

The mosque will be built on Valley Avenue and will include a community centre and car parking area.

Construction is scheduled to start in April with the building to feature Australian-inspired architecture to blend into the area.

Osman Adam from Belconnen’s Islamic Society says Canberra’s Islamic community is growing.

He says the new mosque will cater for more than 1,000 Muslims.

“Currently in Gungahlin we don’t have a place. You want to have a wedding ceremony, if you want to have a naming ceremony, a big party, there’s no location around the north Canberra,” he said.

“The Belconnen and Gungahlin districts have the largest number of Muslim concentration in Canberra but currently in the north we need a place.”

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says the mosque is a great addition for the Islamic community in Canberra.

“This is in addition to the other two major centres of the Islamic community, the mosque in Yarralumla and the centre in Tuggeranong,” he said.

9 thoughts on “'Growing Muslim Community' gets a new mosque in Canberra….”

  1. Doesn’t look like there are any moderate muslims, just compliant fools being led by the nose. The middle east is spiralling into an Islamist quagmire of power struggles. Fuelled by shia Iran and it’s bum boy Syria. Then you have sunni’s and wahabis grabbing their collective crotches and trying to act tough. It would seem the only place that the donkeys can act tough is within western democracies. Enjoy the sun while it is shining fellas, but eventually you will have to become compliant. Be careful what you wish for,it will bite ya bum in the long run. The surrender monkey politicians will not be around forever to protect your strange stone-age whims.


  2. Sooner rather than later I hope Kaw.

    After the initial official roundup will become civic duty to turn them in, after that its only a matter of time till there is a bounty on them!

    There is an uprising and change of politics coming and moslems are the ones bringing it about.

  3. There is no doubt that allowing Muslims to settle in the West is the biggest mistake by our idiot politicians.

    Unfortunately, we are the ones who are going to pay the heavy price for the stupidity of our politicians.

  4. Take the zero tolerance approach as they do in China. Shoot them. At least China has equality between the sexes if only in lip service, but it is true in the work place and at the educational level.

    Women in Australia had to fight the ban against them by men in Australia not so long ago when were were not allowed into men’s clubs etc. This was all changed. Now, a mosque is not a place where women usually attend, so why do governments Federal and State give permission for them to be built because they bar women. Mosques are usually the domain of men. They should not be allowed on these grounds. Exclusion of women.

  5. “Currently in Gungahlin we don’t have a place. You want to have a wedding ceremony, if you want to have a naming ceremony, a big party, there’s no location around the north Canberra,” he said.
    “””Place to Scheme and Wage war against the infidel””””

  6. With ya, Kaw, no surrender. These dopes do not understand the pendulum principle. Although we are being told that they will outbreed us, the world is an ever changing place. They don’t have the ability to deal with change, it will be their collective achilles heel.

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