Russia: "Cycle of Violence"

Kyrgyzstan: Mosques come under scrutiny after playing role in jihad plotting

Kyrgyz authorities are being more realistic about this than their American counterparts. “Kyrgyz Mosques Under Greater Scrutiny As Ties Between Islam, Extremism Emerge,” by Daisy Sindelar for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, January 23: (JW)

Moscow jihadist shouted “I will kill you all” before setting off his bomb (JW)

The Emergencies Ministry said 35 people were killed, 86 hospitalised with injuries and 94 were given medical treatment.

Looks just like the Islamic attack on Mumbai……..Photos: Twitpic hat tip Kathy Shaidle

The same Muslim group that slaughtered, raped, and sexually tortured the children of Beslan.

The Guardian reported that up to 168 people were injured, many of them critically.

Putin: “Retribution is inevitable” for airport jihad attack

There are 2 million soldiers of Allah in Moscow alone.

What will he do? Step up Russian aid for Iran’s nuclear program? “Putin: Retribution ‘inevitable’ for airport attack,” by Jim Heintz for Associated Press, January 25: (JW)

Chechen Jihadist Sitting Pretty in Londonistan

Many of Russia’s opponents have simply disappeared. This is the one who got away:

Doku Umarov, the Chechen terror chief and self-styled Emir of the region between the Black and Caspian Seas, is blamed for the bombing of the Moscow-St Petersburg train that killed 26 people in 2009. A few months later, female suicide bombers, known as Black Widows, struck again, killing 40 passengers on the Moscow metro.  (The Australian has more)

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