Hamas arrested 150 witches in 2010, misses one…

The one who got away:

Witchcraft is incompatible with Islam, you see. Sharia Alert from Gaza: “Mideast: Gaza; Hamas Witch Hunt, 150 Arrested In 2010,” from ANSAmed, January 14: Hamas arrested 150 witches by JW

Hillary in Qatar, getting testy (eye on the world)

America is the largest donor to the Pal-Arab parasites, so Shrillary thought that it was time for the Arab states to walk the monetary walk in addition to the pro-Pali talk. Clinton was warning the Arab elites that “the region’s foundations are sinking into the sand,” (more Clinton folly here)

A walk down memory lane:

The  “ducking  snipers” lies  never backfired…..

Other news:

The White House is getting desperate over the Middle East ‘peace process.’

Were it not for the ‘fierce moral urgency’ of creating a ‘Palestinian’ reichlet, would the White House be willing to look for another crisis on which Obama could win foreign policy credentials? How about Lebanon?

Hezbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave one of his lengthy, televised speeches on Thursday night, and promised that there would be no civil war in Lebanon because we’ll kill anyone who gets in our way’  Carl in J’lem

Al Jizz Hypocrisy

With all of the complaints about al-Jazeera’s Najwan Simri Diab being asked to remove her bra at the entrance to a foreign correspondents’ dinner with Prime Minister Netanyahu, I have two questions: How many Israeli correspondents are invited to similar events in al-Jazeera’s home base in Qatar? And how many Israeli correspondents are there who are based in Qatar? (Answers: None and None).

Khaled Abu Toameh has some more perspective on the bra removal here.

Israel’s Liberal Fifth Column Bankrolled by Terrorists

The Soviet Union bankrolled communist fifth columnists in the USA, why shouldn’t Islamic terrorists fund useful idiots in Israel?  Note the ever-helpful role of liberal Euroweenies in helping terrorists destroy Israel. If given their way, bleeding heart do-gooders will finish what Hitler started.  (Moonbattery)

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  1. I think the Hamasses missed two other witches …. Shrillary and Nancy Pollution?? Oh, forgot, these two are “progressive witches” so maybe that’s why they were not arrested.

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