"'Islam, best option for a new Tunisia'"

Is that what Tunesia wants?

Tunisian Islamic leader: “Muslims are fed up with these dictatorial regimes and we will not stop until Islam and only Islam is back in power”

It’s a jihad in Tunisia, as Robert explained here. The Liberation Party is the leading pro-Sharia party in Tunisia.

“‘Islam, best option for a new Tunisia,'” from PressTV, January 20:

Tunisia’s underground Islamic movement has emerged at the forefront of nationwide protests against its leadership and appears set to emerge as the strongest political force in elections.  (One vote, one time, that’s it)

Islam is the best path for the Tunisian revolution and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world, not the methods prescribed by the West, an activist says.”We say that only Islam will bring peace and tranquility and freedom to our people, not secularism, not dictatorship, not any other secular ideology supported by the West,” Osman Bakach from the Liberation Party said.

If there’s anyone out there who believes Islam is not the worst form of dictatorship ever invented please step forward.

“Muslims are fed up with these dictatorial regimes and we will not stop until Islam and only Islam is back in power,” he added in an interview with Press TV.

Bakach pointed out his party wants “the masses to be aware of the plot now being planned by the security intelligence in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with the help of the Americans and the French to sabotage, undermine and steal the fruit of this blessed revolution.”

“Though the [former Tunisian] regime hangs on a bit through the prime minister now, the fact remains that this revolution has succeeded in toppling dictator Ben Ali and as such gave hope to the rest of the region that this is the way for liberation,” he argued….

Change They Can’t Believe

There will never be anything but dictatorship and despotism in the Muslim world, writes Brian Sack…..

11 thoughts on “"'Islam, best option for a new Tunisia'"”

  1. It all started in Gaza not long ago !

    On January 2006, Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in Gaza, DEMOCRATICALLY !… under the strict supervision of the Ex US President Mr. Peanut Carter !
    The elections have been found 100% “Kosher” and as a result, Hamas took total power by “eliminating” any potential opposition in the future ! Thy have demonstrated some ‘creative and very effective’ methods to ‘convince’ any dreamer to wake-up from this nightmare!… such as:
    Throwing them in midday from the 17th floor…
    Hanging them ( ALIVE ! ) up-side down, bleeding…
    Executing 40 of them with three AK-47 Kalashnikovs, while laying on the ground “bottoms up” with their hands behind their necks…
    Want some more?…

    The first thing Hamas did was, calling all agreements signed between Israel and the PLO, as nil and void !
    The second thing they did was, offering “HUDNAH” to Israel !… ( do some Goggling )

    While rockets kept falling on Sderot from Gaza, it was Mr. Peanut Carter who said :

    ” The Palestinian people have spoken ! Their collective whish must be respected !”

    About 118 people were killed and about 550 wounded !
    “Why so cheap…” you are asking? Ah ! It is called “The Sabra & Shatilla syndrome ! ”
    Israel was a mile away ! NO CAN HAPPEN AGAIN !…

    But, it is DOOMED to happen again ! A bit farther !…

    Do you know what was the last “Enlighten” FATWA in Gaza ?
    All the young girls “who suffer from mental illness”, must be STERILIZED to prevent pregnancy as a result of RAPE !…

  2. “The Liberation Party is the leading pro-Sharia party”

    Sounds like the name of the party is a contradiction to what it stands for.
    Just like everything in islam is upside down.
    Evil is good and good is evil,
    democracy is oppresion and oppresion is freedom,
    Terror is Allah’s will and tolerance is a weakness of western civilization.

    1. Yes indeed. Its not freedom, just different.

      Like the freedom to murder unbelievers and take their possessions. Like the freedom to honor-kill without being punished. The freedom to marry a six year old child. Freedom to whack your 4 wives under the freedom sack and to beat the crap out of them whenever you feel like it…….
      and so on…..

  3. Islam will set you free?
    I think taqiyah has reached a whole new level of deceptiveness.
    Freedom is slavery.
    War is peace.
    Islam is the new INGSOC!

  4. Did anyone seriously expect anyone else but Mohammedans to take over in Tunisia. Come on guys wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. Realist wrote: Did anyone seriously expect anyone else but Mohammedans to take over in Tunisia. Come on guys wake up and smell the coffee.

    Not on this blog.

  6. You have to hand it to him..his logic is right up there.
    And so boring , we already know islam is the solution to everything; we have been told this for years now.. just look at all those successful islamic countries..yawn.

  7. Unfortunately the excuse for all the failed state Islamic countries is that:
    a) they were supported by the (civilized) Western world (thus preventing them from being True Islamic),
    b) they were and are subverted by the Jooooos and the Western World, (thus preventing them from being True Islamic), and,
    c) they were not Islamic enough.
    Every time we are told that This Time, Islam will work and the people will live in peace and harmony without corruption. All those, even the dhimmies

  8. (continued)
    … even the dhimmies will live in peace (if the know what is good for them), after the apostates are taken care of according to Shari’a Law.

    And so it continues, each time they think that more Islam is the answer for problems that are exacerbated by Islam itself.

    And when there are no more dhimmies to oppress, they will continue on each other in an attempt to expunge those deemed not to be practicing the ‘true’ version of Islam.

    So the cycle continues.

  9. Tunisia: Islamic supremacist pro-Sharia party favored in coming elections

    “It is impossible to find out where the campaign funds come from or what kind of society the party has in mind.” Then why is Nahda called in this article a “moderate Islamist” party? What is a “moderate Islamist,” anyway? They want “a democratic regime based on the values of Islam” — in what way will such a regime reject any part of Sharia? Islamic law, after all, including its denial of the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for women, is “based on the values of Islam.”

    When I started warning last winter that Islamic supremacists were in the best position to take advantage of the uprisings in Tunisia (and Egypt), I was enunciating a minority view. One commenter here at Jihad Watch asserted that “these revolts are spontaneous outbursts against the ruling elite. There is not one shred of evidence of any Islamist involvement.” Another’s scorn was intense: “You are taking advantage of the ignorance of your readers to spoon feed them this nonsense about jihad in tunisia [sic] while the Tunisian people are clamoring for democracy and freedom.”

    These comments are indicative of a tendency: Islamic supremacists generally charge their opponents with “ignorance” and treat them with arrogance and contempt, even when those upon whom they are heaping contempt are correct, and even when the Islamic supremacists know that they are correct.

    And so on this yet again: I tried to tell you.

    “Mosque & State: Tunisia’s Moderate Islamist Party Is Favored In Next Month’s Vote,” by Julie Gommes for Le Temps/Worldcrunch, September 23:

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