"We will invent stuff and build stuff"

Muslim inventions, no doubt…..

So the Marxist Muslim POTUS tells his Socialist buddy at General Electric to “invent stuff and build stuff”.

General Electric’s shares have been driven in the ground by  Obama’s leftist supporter Jeffrey Immelt who wants a carbon tax that would make GE’s products more expensive.

That’ll work.

Obama announced the appointment of Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt as head of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. (UPI) Immelt has been with GE since 1982 and is on the board of two non-profit organizations, one of which is the Robin Hood Foundation, a charitable organization which attempts to alleviate problems caused by poverty in New York City.

Like Obama, Immelt got his Alinsky indoctrination at Harvard,  is among America’s worst CEO’s,  is a warmist,  a cap & trade monkey and on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation. Not a commie in sight:

Immelt was  named one of the five worst Non-Financial-Crisis-Related CEOs of 2008 by the Free Enterprise Action Fund.[6] Since taking over, GE’s stock has dropped nearly 60%. In February 2009, Immelt was appointed as a member to the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board to provide the president and his administration with advice and counsel in fixing America’s economic downturn.[7] Recently, Immelt has been criticized by Fox News Channel‘s Bill O’Reilly for business transactions between GE and Iran, the country which has reportedly been attacking U.S. forces in Iraq. (Wiki has more)

10 thoughts on “"We will invent stuff and build stuff"”

  1. “We will invent stuff and build stuff”

    So this an address to the nation by the President of the United States of America? its all about “stuff”

    ” STUFF” ………..It’s so Presidential, don’t youallllllllll thaaank ?
    Well at least he did not SAY “We will invent shit and build shit”

    Those darn “Community Organizers” sure know how to get the worlds most powerful, successful,western Judeo Christian Democracy up and running, Yeah!!!!! its easy as shit, just “make” and “invent” “STUFF”

    Duhh!!!!! the answer has been there right in front of our faces all along.

    “STUFF” Gimmeee all ya got Bro Hussein.

  2. The time has long passed for this self described “community organizer” to be taken into permanent “care” for the good of mankind,USA and the free world.
    If this arse clown was found wondering the streets of New York,espousing his and his party’s ideology he would be taken into care at the first opportunity available, let alone be made the President of the United States of America.

  3. Invent stuff?
    You mean, like advanced thumb-screws and racks for the Infidels?
    Multiculturalists and their Muslim brothers won’t invent anything. They are far too busy attacking, avenging or being offended.

  4. “Stuff” is about the most technical description a Mohammedan can give anything after all as allah provides and ordains everything no need to get so worked up about “stuff’. They can just use all those lovely Petro Dollars they get for something they did not discover could not recover and did not invent anything to use it for. So they will pay Kaffirs to invent all the “stuff” and others to do all the work.

  5. Spoken a like an ignorant buffoon who knows nothing how stuff is invented or made. But then, what can you expect from a community organiser.

    So far he has broken a lot of “stuff”.

  6. Taking a look at some of the “stuff” they build tells the entire story. How many little shit house villiages do we see every day. Totally baren, they are the great destroyers. When they want a great cathedral, they pinch Santa Sohpin in Istanbul. You are still using the Greek Theatres, admitedly they house their goats and lambs there, But I never saw them build anything which was truly theirs. I think being an architect these days would be looked on as black magic by their followers. But, they are only following the prophets words to burn, plunder and steal anything they want. Besides – how can a man work when he prays 5 times a day. goes to so many funerals in a week. And of courst there is raping and cruelty to do. There is just not enough time in a day to be a Muslim man.

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