Islamic Jihad Operative Meets Virgins

The IAF has just wiped out a motorcycle with two Islamic Jihad activists on it. At least one of them is dead.

Israeli security officials confirmed that the Air Force killed Najjar, who they say planned a mass terror attack in Israeli territory. (Y-Net News)

Good Dhimmies: lets destroy Israel so Al Qaeda won’t bomb us again: Spanish government  sponsors PA TV ad calling for boycott of all Israeli products

The Socialist  Zapatero  government is a s#*tstain on humanity:

Last week Palestinian Authority TV started broadcasting an ad promoting the boycott of all Israeli products. The ad is sponsored by the Spanish government, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AECID – the Spanish governmental humanitarian aid development.  (Source)

The UN response to recent rocket attacks on Israel shows how it is a party to Israel’s delegitimization.

Visit Exiting Gaza! Your Next Travel Destination:

I don’t know who made this, but it is fun to watch: (Elder of Ziyon)

Europe’s Irresponsible Gaza Policy

The unconditional removal of Israel’s defensive measures would only help Hamas’s military build-up.


In the past nine years, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have launched more than 11,000 rockets and mortars at towns in southern Israel. This extraordinary situation, unlike anywhere in Europe, has compelled Israel to take appropriate actions to fulfill what is any government’s primary duty: the protection of its citizens. I have no doubt that any other country would have employed similar, if not more extreme, measures to fight a threat of this magnitude.

The root of the problem lies in the weaponry, money and personnel that are constantly being smuggled into the Gaza Strip through tunnels that have been burrowed … (WSJ)

4 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad Operative Meets Virgins”

  1. Poor bloody fakestinians! One can see they are suffering. Our governments must continue to send billions of our hard earned tax dollars to ease their “suffering”. They obviously need our money more than we do…….sarc off

  2. All I can say is: “way to go Israeli pilot! I wish that I was you in that moment of …pushing the button. I pray you get 1000 more chances to do that. 🙂

  3. I hope Marrickvill Council has made these poor Muslims aware of the amount of Israeli manufactured and invented goods on the shelves of their shops.

    Palestinians Boycott Israel NOW!!!!

  4. They all look like a bunch of fleas to me.

    Hey is one of the women in the picture our very own Rachael Woodlock. They actually gave her recognition for her study in Islam. Maybe they have sent her to Israel. She loves dressing up in her Sheharizade costumes. Poor darling does not realize that Sheharizade was telling the stories to a man who wanted to deflower virgins on the wedding night. The cult of blood and death continues.

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