Mohammad, Mohammed & companions face childrens court of Bendigo on 17 counts of rape…

This must be some of the brave “children” that cross the seven seas to land on these shores to enrich us with cultural diversity. But not to worry,  nothing our Respectful  Interfaith Relationships Project Workers can’t fix:

Andrew Bolt

In country Bendigo, a case I believe will have a dramatic impact on local views on various social matters:

SEVEN males have been charged with the gang rape of a woman in Bendigo.
Police allege the men unlawfully imprisoned and repeatedly raped the woman at a residence in Flora Hill early on Sunday.

Four of the men, Mohammad Zaoli, 21, Mohammed Elnour, 18, Aru Gar, 19, and Akoak Manon, 18, appeared via video link in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday. They each face 17 charges, including 14 of rape. The other three accused are aged 14, 16 and 17 and cannot be named. They appeared in a children’s court on the same 17 charges.

The men must be presumed innocent.

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10 thoughts on “Mohammad, Mohammed & companions face childrens court of Bendigo on 17 counts of rape…”

  1. Sudanese? Somali?

    Apparently a bunch of (Sudanese) enrichers from culturally diverse Shepparton, but the news reports seem to have gone down the memory hole:

    New English Review

    [In another report, which did not supply names, we were told that they were from Shepparton]

  2. Another failure of the Australian [education system] / [social services] / [islamophobic racist population] who let down these poor victims.

  3. Dont forget the Scafe boys from Greenacre. They raped about 20 women in the Bankstown/Greenacre area of Sydney. They are in for 28 years. Yipee!!!!

    Spare a thought for the other terrified girls who have been raped in the same area over the years and just could not make it to the courtroom for fear of reprisals. Unless you have experienced what it takes to prosecute a Muslim you could never understand. With all their friends and family giving them fake alibi’s and on top of that the trauma of making police statements which in my case took 8 hours for one of them and I have done many statements.

  4. There was also this attack in the outer east Melbourne suburb of Boronia involving four men of “Indian” appearance.

    My daughter was sexually assualted by an indian man as she walked to the train station after school. She was 14 years old. The police did tell us that they have a growing problem with sexual attacks by Indian and Lebanese men. Unfortunately this will never be made public in this P.C. world.

  5. Islamism is a crock –

    My heart goes out to your daughter and your family. May you all find justice soon (although unfortunately I doubt it in Gillards fantasy-land of PC tripe…)

    Please Aussies – see the truth about this ideology – no woman is safe while these mongrels stalk our streets.

  6. Islam is a Crock,
    Can you tell us the area where your daughter was attacked – here I mean North, South, East or West Melbourne – do not be more specific And was the attack in 2010?

  7. Oh come on, just because at least 2 of the men were called Mohammed, and two others who were named have very Islamic names, doesn’t mean this gang rape has anything to do with Islam.

    Anyone who jumped to that conclusion would be Islamophobic, and would require intensive cultural sensitivity training by the Islamic Council of Victoria.

  8. Westernfeminista and kaw, My daughter was sexually assaulted on November 2nd 2009, walking to the train station from the Girls school she attends in Melbourne’s North.

    The Indian concerned was arrested loitering around the school 2 weeks later.

    He plead guilty to sexual assault in the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court in March 2010. The Magistrate who heard the case was was very understanding and sentenced him to 6 months in jail. When his lawyer immediately appealed, the Magistrate made him sit in the cell for around 4 hours before he heard his bail application.

    On appeal in the County Court, the judge stated that he wanted him to do a sex offenders course. This is an 18 month course so therefore couldn’t be done in jail. Intensive Corrections Orders for this type of crime have a maximum of 12 months, so this was out. He ended up receiving the maximum 2 year good behaviour bond, 500 hours of community service, sex offenders course and 8 years on the sex offenders registry.

    We were disappointed that he won’t be doing any time in jail, but the judge in wanting him to go through a sex offenders course gave him the maximum that he could under the circumstances.

    Hopefully, he won’t be a further problem in this country once he has done his sentence.

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