Its our fault: Why are the EU and the US ignoring the unfolding tragedy in Algeria and Tunisia?

Imagine if the EU or the US would get involved. Can you imagine how the worlds 1.5 gazillion muslims would react?

Al Jizz: North Africa’s anger

At least four people were shot dead and six others seriously wounded late Saturday when security forces clashed with protesters in central Tunisia.

In Algeria, three people were reported dead with more than 400 injured.

The death toll is increasing and the governments are struggling to find ways to calm tensions. Armies have been sent to control the streets, and live ammunition have been used against protesters.

Why are the EU and US watching the unfolding tragedy in North Africa with little or no reaction?

Please pay attention to how the Al Qaeda Lawyer Saad Djebbar becomes increasingly unhinged towards the second part of the video, referring to the “Euromed Partnership” that is to enable 50 million soldiers of allah to invade Europe.

Joining us on Inside Story is Saad Djebbar, an Algerian lawyer and analyst on North African affairs; Hugh Roberts, also an analyst on North Africa and author of The Battlefield: Algeria 1988 – 2002; and Samuel Laufer, the chair of Youth Abroad in the Union for a Popular Movement.

Ben Ali flees to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh confirms arrival of former Tunisian president who fled violent social protests over unemployment and corruption.Read More

7 thoughts on “Its our fault: Why are the EU and the US ignoring the unfolding tragedy in Algeria and Tunisia?”

  1. Here’s the erudite Hugh Fitzgerald on the subject, from three years ago:

    What do Algeria, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, the “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey—unfree, brutal, tyrannical, economically static Muslim states all, with the obvious exception of Israel—have to offer the free, open, wealthy, culturally advanced nations of France, and Spain, and Italy?

    Even the cynical answer of “cheap labor” does not hold up, as Muslim immigration has wound up *costing* Europe money, in the form of lavish welfare payments and other entitlements, as well as increased security costs with the rising threat of terrorism.

    So what *Is* it for? You would never get a hint from Euro-Med’s website, which natters on about goals such as reducing pollution in the Mediterranean Sea—as though that were equally a goal of, say, France and Libya.

    Euro-Med’s ugly logo falsely implies that Muslim North Africa is somehow just a mirror-image of Southern Europe.

    The website does give some few hints that there may be some trouble in the Deux-Rivistes paradise, as in the section on “Euro-Med and Women”, where it is vaguely acknowledged that there might be an “improvement of women’s status and situation in the Euro-Med area”. What part of “Euro-Med” might that be? The streets of Barcelona, Perhaps, or maybe Naples? Clearly, they expect people to read between the lines, at least to some extent.

    On “The EU and the Middle East Peace Process”, Euro-Med helpfully endorses the following: “The EU considers that peace in the Middle East requires a comprehensive solution.” That should clear up 1400 years of Anti-Semitism in the Muslim world!

    On the rather opaque segment on “Euro-Med and the Media”, they note that one of the issues is “Xenophobic and Racist Media”—that would be any outlet that questions the wisdom of this insane plan, and its consequences for Europe.

    Tucked away, near the very bottom of that same bulleted list, is the discreet reference to “reporting terrorism”—bound to become more and more of an issue, no doubt, with more and more Jihad-minded Muslims flooding into unprotected Dar-al-Harb.

  2. My opinion…the whole freaking world is f**ked up and spiralling towards WWIII!
    Following that, WWIV will consist of a few people throwing rocks at each other on a cold dark planet and then retreating to the warmth of their caves.

  3. Sooner or later Muslims will begin tearing each other apart. Turks hate the Arabs almost as much as they hate the Americns. This s why Edogan is such a crucial part of the plan. He is a staunch supporter of Islam. Turkey has and will have a desire to return to the Otterman Empire. They feel they are the most progressive nation around the Mediterannean and they want those countries they once occupied, back under their control. Then they will ditch the Arabs in another Turkish genocide and that is how it will play out unless we do something about it.

    “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” remember most of the Turks from southern and eastern Turkey live in what was once Greece.

  4. Nostra Damus, foretold in one of his quatrains that in 2012 the Lion and the Eagle will be in a violent war. Real fire and brimstone stuff. The war would be between The Lion of Europe as in Richard the Lionheart and the Eagle represents USA). After this will be one thousand years of peace. Can anyone enlighten us on this? Perhaps the Lion, is the Lion of Africa and representing Islam.

    Now I am not convinced about Nostra Damus. But it is interesting.

  5. Subhanallah, regardless of peoples personal reasons as to why they are protesting we as Muslim’s know that democracy is not the way. Inshallah the people will realise that the problems will be solved with an Islamic shari’a state, and the West needs to be stopped interfering and claiming we want democracy that is just pure propaganda.

  6. * we as Muslim’s know that democracy is not the way

    Tell our politicians that, aida. We know that muslims reject democracy in favour of a “sharia” (satanic) state, but we get denounced as islamophobes when we state it. The problems will only be solved when Jesus Christ returns to reign for 1,000 years following Armageddon – not before. Anything else is delusion.

    Revelation 20:4

    No allah, no Mo, no islam, no muslims.

  7. Aida, thanx for being honest.
    And I sincerely hope you are not living in the West, where democracy and republicanism were born, raised, respected and DESIRED ABOVE ALL ELSE!

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