Pakistan: 'We Will Spread Blood Everywhere"

Of course. That’s the only thing they’re good at. What’s next? Islamic science?

Pakistani Rally Defends Strict Blasphemy Law (Islamization Watch)

From POP to POPE: united in hatred, united in misery and committed to murder……

Maulana Fazalur Rehman (left), chief of the Pakistani religious party Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI), addresses the crowd during a rally in Karachi on January 9.

Middle poster: should’ve made that “end” a little clearer, eh?

Pakistan: Islamic supremacists rally for blasphemy law, demand Pope’s apology

One cleric goes so far as to say Christians aren’t following “Jesus Christ’s teachings” here, but in doing so, he knows his listeners believe in the revisionist, Islamic narrative about Jesus. The main purposes of Jesus’ portrayal in the Qur’an are to claim him as a messenger of Islam and deny and denounce Christian beliefs about him, with Allah saying anyone who says otherwise faces “a penalty such as I have not inflicted on any one among all the peoples” (Qur’an 5:110-118). To defend any other position would be, well, blasphemous. And you know where that leads.

More on this story. “Rallies seek Pope’s apology,” from The News, January 15  (JW)

Policewoman and Family Slaughtered in Pakistan… (TROP)

Vlad Tepes presents:

Other news:

Muslims from Canada training in Pakistan for jihad

Hmm, they had some Germans also, a while ago. They didn’t last too long…..

New Western export: jihad. “RCMP probe report saying Canadians training with al-Qaida in Pakistan for jihad,” from The Canadian Press, January 14 via JW

Pope Rage

Another rally in Pakistan for blasphemy law: “Pope Benedict’s statement is an attack on the hearts of Muslims”

A billion-plus Muslims, savagely and unsuspectingly attacked by an octogenarian pontiff! Casting their grievances in those terms is, of course, an attempt to broaden the conflict beyond Pakistan, by portraying the Pope’s criticism of the law as an attack on all Muslims. “Rally supports governor’s killer,” from the Press Association, January 14 via JW

Tiny Minority of Excremists Blames “POP” for….  Whatever….. (Islamization Watch)

Pakistanis take to streets over blasphemy laws ~ burn effigy of “Pop” -lots more Photos

Islamic Tolerance

Pakistan: Another Christian family on the run from blasphemy law (JW)

Since the aftermath of Salman Taseer’s assassination has firmly established the wild popularity of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, perhaps it is to be expected that they will see even more use. The blasphemy bandwagon has become a popular place to see and be seen.

“Blasphemy allegations: Another Christian family on the run,” from the Express Tribune, January 15 via JW

The truth kills:

Pakistan: Islamic party leader tells daughter of assassinated governor to remember her father’s fate and be quiet about blasphemy law

After all, nothing speaks to the inherent merits of a law quite like having to defend it by threatening anyone who criticizes it with murder. “Taseer’s daughter warned to back off,” from the Telegraph, January 14:

7 thoughts on “Pakistan: 'We Will Spread Blood Everywhere"”

  1. These are the world’s decent, moderate Muslims.
    In their civilized way, they are speaking out for the murder of the infidel and jihad without end.
    It would be foolish not to give them their wish.

  2. I dont know why they have the “shites” with the POP. He is usually their stongest supporter of Islam. You must still have the photo of the last POP Kissing the Koran, If the Roman and Eastern churches dont soon get their act together, we will be no more.

  3. Cathy Gee, even though the ‘Pop’ is actually a timelord, and therefore the same being in multiple regenerations, it would appear that the current regeneration of ‘Pop’ is a bit more careful about where he puts his lips–and a bit more forthright about what comes out of them. It was, in fact, in a book by Cardinal Ratzinger (as he then was) that I first read explicitly that Islam, unlike Christianity, is a total package of religion and law and can’t really exist happily as a mere religion in a secular state. Although I am concerned that ‘Pop’ is having another ‘let’s get together and have a multifaith pray-in’ in Assisi, his message of the necessity for religious tolerance–aimed in particular at the ‘religion’ that is least tolerant of others–will be the real purpose of the gathering and not some namby pamby, ‘Isn’t Islam wonderful; it has such beautiful names for God,’ love-in. I wonder which name the last ‘Pop’ had in mind when he said that–Al Jabbar?

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