Jihad Pays: Mamduh Habib should rot in jail but gets a payout instead….

H/T Islamist Monitor:

A dedicated Islamist and a Muslim terrorist received a hefty amount of money (paid directly from your pocket) because Gillard’s government has no guts and is not willing to defend your interests.

Or was this decision reached to please the “green” allies, who openly support all Islamist causes?

AN out-of-court settlement with former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib is in the interest of the commonwealth and taxpayers, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

DONE DEAL: Mamdouh Habib has reached an out of court settlement with the Commonwealth

We beg to differ. Mamduh Habib and his ilk should have their citizenship revoked and shipped off to an Islamic desert of their choice. But this government is very generous with YOUR money:

4 thoughts on “Jihad Pays: Mamduh Habib should rot in jail but gets a payout instead….”

  1. Please note – this was in small print on either page 5 or page 6 of one the the main daily newspapers. I suspect that this is the case with other MSM publications but cannot confirm. Again, if you disagree then write to the government and to the press – conduct surveys. Gilliard, the matter is NOT settled. What right do you, Gilliard, have to speak for the Australian people? You are not even elected! Shiek, the Nada Roude survey has been up for a while – can we replace it with “Should Habib (1) be paid recompense and allowed residency, (2) allowed residency – no payment (3) kicked out of Australia and never allowed entry again (4) Trial should be reopened behind closed doors to allow information, that was not used on account of compromising security, that will allow for a terrorist conviction. If something like this was all ready asked maybe you can flash you the results again to remind readers of where they stood when this issue arose.

  2. l bet the expression on the hags face will change once the Kaffir cheque is in her hands and terrorists all over the world will be rubbing their hands withs glee.

    If any of that money funds the death of innocent civilians in new terrorist attacks, Julia Gillard has blood on her hands and she should be charged with treason and being an accessory to murder.

  3. This pig deserves Male Genital Mutilation, but this would be too kind, He can now put this money from Australia toward the fares for two or three more wives (first cousins) and use their wombs to increase our population.

    We are not happy Julia!!!!!

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