Holland: Radical Hate-preacher Asks Government for Help to Eliminate the Competition

“Don’t wake up the infidel dogs”, that’s what Sheikh Fawaz Jneid is really saying to his fellow jihadists. Anyhow, why not take the ‘interfaith-dialogue’ handouts and grants while it lasts?

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna:

Fundamentalist Bitch Fight in The Netherlands

Imam Sheikh Fawaz Jneid [known hate beard] has attacked Shariah4Holland, the new Muslim organization that wants to introduce Islamic law in the Netherlands. “Either these young people are mentally insane and irrational, or this is a band of exploiters and criminals that are after bloodshed justified by Islam,” says the imam of The Hague’s as-Sunnah mosque, who asks the authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium to arrest the organization behind Shariah4Holland and Shariah4Belgium.

According to the imam the Muslim organization is a criminal organization or a bunch of crazy people, in any event, the organizers behind it must be incarcerated.

“If these figures actually suffer from mental disorders, then it is a duty to put them away in a mental institution. Otherwise they must be locked in prison,” says Fawaz in a written statement. His words are remarkable, because in the Netherlands preacher Sheikh Fawaz Jneid is known as a radical Muslim, who once in a sermon begged that Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali would get serious diseases. But even for him the new shariah clubs are too radical [yeah, right!].  Read more »

The slick sheik is aware that he needs to calm down the irritated non-Muslims who might wake from their multicultural slumber and resist the Islamization of their country.

And the analysis: Biding Their Time

What Fawaz is doing is saying that the time for Jihad is not now. Salafists act based on mujtihad, or personal consensus, as opposed to ijtihad, or communal consensus, of the regular four madhhab of Islamic Sunni law. Fawaz is not a Salafist. He is of the traditionalmadhhab.

The Sharia of the traditional madhhab states that the ummah cannot wage aggressive jihad without permission from the caliph, and there is no caliph, because there is no kalifah. Fawaz is clearly just saying that now is not the time, and that Moslems must get their own house in order before attacking the dar ul-harb.

Notice how he says “who… has given you a fatwa?”, implying that if a fatwa was issued by a traditional scholar he views as legitimate, he wouldn’t be objecting.

Notice also how he says “What you are doing brings difficulties for the Muslims in the Netherlands and in Belgium.” The Sharia of the traditional madhhab states that one should not be seditious in infidel nations or even wage jihad if those actions will bring harm to other Moslems.

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10 thoughts on “Holland: Radical Hate-preacher Asks Government for Help to Eliminate the Competition”

  1. Now just imagine Germans living in the UK in the 40’s, waving a Swastika in their demos against the WWII.

    They would not have lasted long.

    This is what our “namby pamby all cultures are the same” idiocy has landed us in.

  2. Remember that it was this guy who announced a fatwa against Wilders, Ayaan Irshi Ali and Theo Van Gogh !!!!! And we know what happened afterwards. Muslims, the greatest hypocrites the world has ever seen.

  3. * Anyhow, why not take the ‘interfaith-dialogue’ handouts and grants while it lasts?

    It could last for a lifetime, for non-integrating Bosnians who go home:


    [Bosnia: Dutch offer Bosnians monthly repatriation benefits
    ultimo aggiornamento: 05 gennaio, ore 17:46
    The Netherlands has offered life benefits to Bosnians who settled in the country in the wake of the 1992-1995 war, if they decide to return home, Bosnian Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees said on Wednesday. ]

  4. Thanks Sheik!

    If I get the job, first task will be a celebration of diversity and empowerment in Sparks Reserve, with a pork sausage sizzle.

  5. Kristof,
    Politicians memories are short – seems to go with the job – and that is why they must continually be reminded of the truth and their obligations to the truth.

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