Marxist Muslim proposes "5 Pillars" against unemployment, overspending, mismanagement….

The undocumented Manchurian Moonbat is dying to come out:

This article here by the clueless, gushing Barbara Ferguson in Arab News is in itself worthless, but it confirms that the lying Muslim rat in the white house can only think in Muselmanic terms, like “5 pillars”.

The “Centrist Agenda” that the New York Slimes is trying to sell on behalf of the moonbat messiah is just more deception: what’s the difference between a radical Marxist and a centrist Marxist?  “Created Jobs” means government jobs,  paid for by your and my tax-dollars. The Obama crew is clueless when it  comes to creating the conditions for entrepreneurship,  or a tax-friendly environment where small and mid-size startups would thrive.

Obama’s Five-Year Plan: “Build Stuff and Invent Stuff(Moonbattery)

The important thing, now that we have abandoned freedom for a command economy, is to have the right pointy-headed experts in command. Fortunately Comrade Obama is a guy who knows just what it takes to make the economy hum:

“For America to compete around the world, we need to export more goods around the world,” he said, in a city [Schenectady] where Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, founded the precursor to GE.

Ironically, the light bulb will be banned next year, at the behest of Obama’s crony capitalist friends at the corrupt obscenity GE has deteriorated into.

BHO continued:

“We’re going back to Thomas Edison’s principles. We’re going to build stuff and invent stuff.”

Comrades, you are hereby commanded to invent stuff. As for building stuff, the EPA and unions have made that infeasible. Nonetheless, Obama has “vowed to double U.S. exports in five years.” Bureaucrats command it; therefore, it will be done. That’s what five-year plans are all about.