The UK Disaster

Soldiers of Allah guarding a no-go zone in formerly great Britain (pic thanks to Tundra Tabloids)

“I Don’t Care About the Law”

The Englishman who made this video was threatened with death for filming Muslims engaging in dawah on a public street.
Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. KGS helped Vlad construct a composite of the face of the fellow who made the threat. This image may be of use to the British police — if, that is, they ever take time off from arresting “Islamophobes” and actually look for the guy:

That incident took place in Leicester, and the local division of the EDL responded by summoning a flash demonstration at the dawah location. Notice the police taking photos and videotaping — one assumes they are much more interested in gathering intelligence on “racist hooligans” than they are on finding and prosecuting the thug who issued the death threat.

This is an inspiring video. WARNING: some foul language can be heard on the audio:

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  1. The guy who issued the death threat seems to be the one at 0.24 secs in the second video shot during EDL counter demo. He should be put behind bars.

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