Mental Illness

Tim Blair:

I wonder if Haydar Khani/Ali Hamid declared his mental illness when he applied for an Australian passport.

Seems to be the same kind of illness that afflicted Muzzamil ‘Mo’ Hassan when he beheaded his wife, and Hasan Malik when he gunned down 14 of his fellow soldiers at breakfast at Fort Hood……


Poor chap:

The “Australian” arrested in Jakarta on suspicion of helping organise the boat of asylum seekers that sank at Christmas Island last month is refusing to co-operate with police, telling them he suffers from a mental illness as he evades questions.

As investigators struggle to make progress with the suspect – identified as Haydar Khani, alias Ali Hamid – further raids were launched over the case on Wednesday night …

Mr Khani was arrested on Tuesday night. According to the head of the country’s people-smuggling unit, Budi Santoso, ‘’He said he was sick with a mental illness for 10 years and was admitted to hospital.’’

Interesting. I wonder if Haydar Khani/Ali Hamid declared his mental illness when he applied for an Australian passport.

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  1. * telling them he suffers from a mental illness

    There’s a surprise. Who decided he could come here, and what were the circumstances in which he came? Can’t we return him to the water?

  2. [Australia’s ambassador to Jakarta, Greg Moriarty, told The Age that Australian consular officials would support Mr Khani, even as he remained a person of interest to Australian police.]

    I’d be willing to pay a sanity levy if it would ensure that only pollies of sound mind and acting in the national interest could be elected to Canberra.

    1. I don’t know much about Greg Moriarty, but like so many before him who are tasked with representing Australian interests overseas I suspect that he is one of those who has fallen into a habit of representing his host country against us.

      A rather common phenomenon, it happens all the time.

  3. OT, but wonderful news for Oz, with Sydney and Melbourne in particular to be enriched with “concentrations of disadvantage” as muslim numbers double … (that will keep the diversity / mental health industries in work):

    [THE number of Muslims in Australia will grow four times more quickly than non-Muslims over the next 20 years as the continued instability in developing Islamic countries in Southeast Asia drives migrants and refugees to these shores. ]

    * Aided and abetted by tickerless pollies & “human rights advocates”.

    [“The main challenge is that at least some of the sources of Islamic migrants have had relatively low English and job skills, and they tend to concentrate in particular areas — mostly Sydney’s west, but also Melbourne — so you get concentrations of disadvantage.

    “From the point of view of integration, that can be a hurdle.”]

    Iron will not alloy with clay, concentrated with disadvantage or otherwise.

  4. We do NOT want muslims here – and WE HAVE TO TELL OUR GOVERNMENT THAT. So get off your bums and start writing – everyone is needed!!!

  5. Let’s just declare all muslims mentally infirm and deny them entrance to our countries. It would not be far off from the truth , it’s the usual excuse they offer for their own bad behavior.

  6. They use anyone and anything for their own now they are using people who genuinely have mental illnesses. As usual , it is a very cheap shot but then they specialize in cheat shots.

  7. I for one believe him. He does believe in Allah after all. You would need to have something wrong in your head to follow the word of this bloodluster.

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