UK: Brave Muhajeddin scares EDL leader Kevin Carroll with shotgun

BBC: Reports of an attack on the home of a leading English Defence League (EDL) member are being investigated by police in Bedfordshire.

Al BeBeeCeera reports the man was “Asian”- (Chinese? Japanese?)

Vlad Tepes blog:

Officers were called to Kevin Carroll’s home in Bolingbroke Road, Luton, late on Thursday after reports an object was thrown against the window of the house. Mr Carroll said he went to investigate and saw a man who appeared to be holding a shotgun. No shots were fired.

Officers carried out a search of the area, but no offender was found.

Police said they were trying to establish what happened and wanted to talk to anyone who saw anything suspicious.

This story is breaking, but here is what we have so far. Chris Logan here:


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  1. The EDL is being unfairly tarnished with the old fascist label. The only true fascists are the Islamists with their sub-human ideals.

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