Move Over, Infidel: The Kuffar's Law No Longer Applies

They are above the law.

Brooklyn, NY: Muslims ignore ‘stop work order’ and continue to build the Voorhies Avenue mosque

After multiple complaints, letters to local politicians, demonstrations and media reports, city administration is still trying to ignore the obvious violations associated with the project in question.  (Source)

A Mega-Mosque Grows on a Quiet Residential Brooklyn Street: Why There?

Atlas Shrugs

On a quiet, tree lined residential street in Brooklyn, the Muslim Brotherhood front, MAS, is building a mega mosque despite the fierce opposition from the neighborhood and in violation of zoning ordinances and stop work orders. Why there?

Voorhies Avenue is a beautiful little street in Sheepshead Bay. Small, pretty, well cared for homes line the street. There are no stores, churches, synagogues or businesses there. So why would the Muslim Brotherhood want to build a beach head there? There are no Muslims who live on the street and not many in the neighborhood. Why there?

MAS has ignored procedure, flouted the law and violated stop work orders. They respect the sharia (Islamic law), American rule of law? Not so much. Check out the video – why are they yelling to stop filming?  What else are they hiding from the neighbors? Thanks to Logan for the video.

The neighborhood coalition that opposes the mosque wants to keep the street residential and quiet. Hardly unreasonable. The idea of a giant mosque, out of all proportion to the other homes on the street, is offensive. The traffic, congestion, noise, call to prayer changes the landscape of this otherwise quiet street. Don’t neighborhoods have a say on what can or cannot be build. Don’t neighborhoods have a right to preserve the sanctity of their streets and their homes. The MAS Islamic supremacists have been consistently dishonest. Their obfuscation, misrepresentation of the project and morphing mosque design hardly instills confidence that they are being straight about anything. And more to the point. Why there?

They are  ignoring DOB inspectors, complaints by neighbors and a stop work order and furiously building the massive structure in violation of code and certain requirements.  Read more:     Why There?

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  1. Sorry, l put mosque instead of school. Although if it goes ahead, it’s a beginning of the end for Mernda.

  2. Once the mosque is complete, it will become the nth holy place of Islam, a dar ul Islam, and short of war, nothing will remove it.

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