MSM can't figure out why Muslims yell 'allahu akbar' and kill people….


Perhaps they’re just too desperate pretending that it has nothing to do with Islam. Or perhaps they all have Muslim friends who are “not like that”, like Woopie Goldberg.

But anyhow, lets blame Sarah Palin instead. Or Glenn Beck. Or RushLimbaugh. Or Michael Savage…. or all these evil teabaggers…

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be working too well either:

Despite all the Left’s efforts, majority doesn’t blame rhetoric for Giffords shooting (Eye on the world)

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a jihadist in the US army who’d preached that “Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor”, ran amok at Food Hood while shouting ‘allahy akbar’- “my God is greater”, it was too soon to wonder if he was motivated by his faith:

Well, even now they haven’t even been able to figure out Major Hasan Malik’s motivation when he shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and opened fire murdering 15 fellow soldiers, wounding about 40 others in the process. I guess “we really can’t jump to conclusions”, (in the words of the Muslim POTUS Obama.)

But with the shooting of congressman Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of six bystanders, it was not too soon for the ABC to instantly speculate about the (purely imagined) ideology driving the killer (above), actually a madman who’d conceived a hatred of Giffords long before the rise of Palin and the Tea Party movement.  (Bolt has more)

Clarence Dupnik, America’s Worst Sheriff


The worst sheriff in America, Pima County’s irresponsible leftist jackass Clarence Dupnik, has accomplished notable achievements before. For example, he assisted in the non-prosecution of fellow moonbats who threw pies at Ann Coulter when she tried to speak at the University of Arizona. When SB1070 passed with the overwhelming support of Arizona citizens alarmed by the inundation of the state by illegal aliens, this sheriff of a border county refused to enforce it.

In the league of Bawney Fwank…..

But only after ignoring numerous warnings that Jared Loughner’s psychosis would explode into violence and providing no security for Gabrielle Giffords’s Congress on Your Corner event, then covering his incompetence by incongruously blaming the ensuing bloodbath on conservatives and taking the opportunity to denounce his own state as “the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry” has Dupnik achieved the ultimate liberal honor — a personal call from the Moonbat Messiah himself to thank him for a job well done.

Not just anyone gets a call like this. His heavy golf schedule doesn’t leave Comrade Obama with a lot of free time.

Dupnik may be inept as a law enforcement officer, but when it comes to sowing seeds of discord and warping reality to fit hard left talking points, even liberal establishment pundits who are paid $millions per year are reduced to merely echoing his grotesque accusations. Gateway Pundit thinks we may have found a replacement for Robert Gibbs. Dupnik’s devotion to partisan politics rather than public safety would make him even more suitable to head the DHS, after the clueless Big Sis inevitably resigns in disgrace.

Here’s the latest in the Cairo shooting  dead of Christians we reported earlier:

In other news:

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  1. Hey Whoopie you silly old thing,

    We can still remember your Ted Danson affair. What a laugh you were then and you still dont disappoint us. After all your forte is comedy.

    Yes, The second language spoken in LA is not Mexican as you may imagine it is Persian. Rich Persians live there. They did not flee from persecution in Iran, they were planted there. And of course your friends are “not like that” because they have you fooled by taqiyya. And, perhaps like your president, you are of the same persuasion. Many many black Americans are under cover Muslims. Have a nice day!

  2. Even when the do acknowledge it they MISINTERPRET it as “God is Great” when it Allahu Ackbar really means ‘MY God is the GREATEST’. If they got it right then they would have to explain how Allah can be GREATEST which implies the existence of other LESSER Gods and thus establishes Islams POLYTHEIST roots and competitive and domineering nature.

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