Muslim Women Business

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al-Shabaab Orders Women Covered – Even at Home…

A female refugee told a local radio station that women were ordered to wear full-length body coverings even when they are in the privacy of their own homes, adding that any one seen violating the edict would be punished. (Source)

12-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Trained as Suicide Bomber…

Never too young for jihad….. (Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine……)   if you get f*kced with nine who says you can’t blow yourself up with twelve?

Your money is mine and what’s mine is none of your business:

Saudi Wife Evicted for Not Giving Paycheck to Imam Husband…

Muselmanic apologists keep telling us how women are “honored” in the Islamic system, that they can keep their own money and how the men have to spend out of their wealth to maintain them. The reality, however, is all too often not like that:

JEDDAH: A Saudi woman who claims her husband threw her out of the family home because she refused to give him her salary has been denied accommodation at a women’s shelter in Jeddah. (Arab News)

Women’s shelters in Sowdi Barbaria? What’s the world coming to?

Women’s rights steadily eroding in Iraq as Islamic supremacists gain power

Sharia descends upon what had been a largely secular nation. Isn’t it great that Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange made Oklahoma safe for Sharia?

“2011 looks grim for progress on women’s rights in Iraq,” by Shashank Bengali and Sahar Issa for McClatchy Newspapers,

Quote of the Day:

Inalienable rights as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can only be conferred upon those who do not seek to deprive others of them. What part of that is it you do not understand?

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