Netherlands: Muslim Groups Offer Churches Protection…. From Muslims!


Will they also offer the  Christians to take them home safely after the service? For a small fee? Is this service also available for Jews and homosexuals?

Coptic churches in Sweden, Germany, France and the Netherlands are among dozens of European Coptic churches threatened by al-Qaeda. Update:Austria also on the list.

Muslims groups are offering Coptic churches in the Netherlands protection against possible attacks (NL), the spokesmen of the Dutch Muslim Council (NMR), the Council of Moroccan Msoques in the Netherlands and the Federation of Islamic Organizations (FION) said Tuesday. Continue reading/Islam in Europe

5 thoughts on “Netherlands: Muslim Groups Offer Churches Protection…. From Muslims!”

  1. [The three churches in the Netherlands appear … on the Sumukh al-Islam website. … The Alexandria church in Egypt, which was attacked on Saturday, killing 21 people, appeared on the list.]

    Clearly a Jewish front, intended to ‘defame islam’ (according to muslims, anyway).

  2. We will see how many Muslim protect churches and Christians when Muslims are a majority in Europe.

    If history is any judge, they will bear the same fate as the ones in Muslim countries.

  3. Oh my god… Allah swt…they don,t know yet..about the goal of islam… May allah open the mind and the heart to people who are looking for the truth. Subhanallah..

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