On Allah's Orders….

Austria:  Eurabia/ On Allah’s Orders vs  SOS-Österreich-Blog

How would you like to get your mail on the orders of Allah?

A Muselmanic postal worker in Austria plastered a sign on his truck  “Hüküm Allahin –”  (on Allah’s orders…) which would violate his employment contract. The good people from  SOS-Österreich-Blog took a picture and posted it on the web.

Much to their surprise they received a demand to cease and desist,  from a local shyster, along with an invoice of 300.00 Euro’s (ca $500.00)

Lets see how that one peters out…..

2 thoughts on “On Allah's Orders….”

  1. C&d for what? What are the warranted damages?
    The lawyer representing this moron has perfectly no sense or argument.

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