Pope Rage All Over

Pope Urges Repeal of Islamic Blasphemy Laws (Islamophobia)

The Pope has called for a ban on the brutal and inhumane sharia. He seeks a ban on the blasphemy laws (absurdly called “islamophobia” in the West). Christians are being slaughtered, ethnically cleansed, in Muslim countries under the guise of “do not insult Islam.” (Atlas Shrugs)

Pakistan: Islamic party leader says “the Pope’s statement is an insult to Muslims across the world”

How did the Pope supposedly insult every Muslim man, woman, and child on Allah’s green earth? Did he open an ancient codex of “Yo Mamma” jokes? No, he called for the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

But Farid Paracha of Jamaat-i-Islami is not just being overly dramatic. He is trying to broaden the conflict and make it an issue for Muslims outside of Pakistan.

More on this story. “Pope insults Muslims, say MPs,” from The Times, January 12 (thanks to JW)

Know your place, pope. All your Vatican are belong to us!

Egypt recalls Vatican envoy after Pope criticizes persecution of Christians

Shut up, dhimmi. You’ll take it and like it. “Egypt recalls Vatican envoy over pope remarks,” from AFP, January 11

Pakistan: Islamic supremacist groups to hold rallies protesting Pope’s call to scrap blasphemy law

Still no word on those anti-bin Laden rallies denouncing the Tiny Minority of Extremists, but I’m sure they’re just around the corner!

An update on this story. “Pakistan: Islamists criticise Pope’s anti-blasphemy law comments,” from AKI, January 11 (thanks to JW)

What are Australia’s leaders doing about Pakistan’s ‘Death for Blasphemy’ laws?

THE Pope has taken an important leadership role: an important role in deciding to again call on Pakistani leaders to repeal their country’s law imposing the death penalty for blasphemy of Islam (“Pope insults Muslims, say MPs”, 12/1).(The Australian)

This follows the shooting by an extremist of a Pakistani governor who had advocated similar reform and the apparent widespread applauding of such action by Islamic groups.

While Julia Gillard is reported to have condemned the shooting, Australia should indicate its opposition to such laws and make a formal representation to Pakistan calling for legislative and policy reform.

We are constantly being assured by Muslim spokesmen that their religion is a peaceful one. If so, they should have no difficulty in supporting reform of policies that are conducive to violent action against those who are either of a different religion or oppose religions that are, in practice, encouraging violence.

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  1. He’s got to stand his ground. And I’m serious. None of that post-Regensburg retreat.
    The Regensburg speech must be the very pattern of Vatican policy in the future. No more multiculturalist lying.

  2. And Catholics must be made to say, along with their creed, that
    1. Islam is profane and
    2. Mohammed is a false prophet.

  3. Out of Context .
    Ya Sheik !

    How is it “down there” ? Do you have crocodiles in your bed room?

    Do you ( the “Up side down Infidels” ), Feel Allah’s wet wrath ?

    If your ADSL is still working, clik here :- http://goo.gl/JtmyU

  4. Abuamnon: I clicked on that link. First I thought it was ironic, then saw it was real by the way you spell. ‘Bedroom’ is one word, as is ‘upside’. And it’s ‘believe’, not ‘bilive.’

    You probably spent ages on the attractive artwork (blood running, guns etcetera) so well done there! And who needs a dictionary when you have the holy qur’an, eh?

  5. Cecilie,
    Respectfully, you forgot the ” ” around the word “holy”. It’s not holy, it’s EVIL.

  6. Mohammedan Egypt complain about the Pope’s interference in their Jihad and pogroms against Egyptian Christians yet all over the World Mohammedans are interfering in the internal affairs of the Governments which give the succor and support.

  7. Where is a Rage Boy? I missed him. I should have to buy one of his T-Shirt or mug! Or was Abuamnon a Rage Boy?

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