Sitting on the dock of the bay, wastin' time…..

Andrew Bolt

Here we go again. Boat no. 1

A new year, but a familiar problem:

HMAS Glenelg, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel west of Ashmore Islands last night.

Initial indications suggest there are 90 passengers and two crew on board the vessel.


Former Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock in 2009 warns the Rudd Government its policies have put the people smugglers back in business:

If the numbers keep on increasing at the rate they have been, I think the government will be looking at a pipeline of 10,000 a year or more

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2009 responds with abuse:

Mr Ruddock was also that minister who said that asylum seekers had thrown their kids overboard … I therefore place zero credibility on anything Philip Ruddock says about anything on that subject at anytime.

But now:

The arrival last night of a boat carrying 92 passengers brings the total number of arrivals under Labor to 10,016 and 3,464 since Prime Minister Gillard took office…

For your eyes only:

Received this info from mate  who is on a boat in Weipa:

Three hundred boat people at RAAF Sherger Air Base in  Weipa.

All are being accepted into Australia.  All    men.

All receive the  pension same as our pensioners. All get the same  amount again for  hardship payment.

Equals twice what our  pensioners get. All receive fifty dollars a  day for spending  money.

Security staff  employed to watch them. Chefs employed to feed  them.

One quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is   cooked.

They won’t pick up  there own rubbish.

There was a massive  dispute because they didn’t like the radio  station.

Another dispute because batteries were flat for the  Nintendo  games.

Tents set up for  mosque prayers had to be air  conditioned

The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger  adequately are now dry  because taps are left running all day  long.

Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (???)  supplied  to  them [ all men…..remember]

Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants  Dept of Defence  to pay all the bills so they can hide the costs from  the public by allowing  three hundred poofters into the  country.

Australia needs to know.

Congratulations Gillard you fool.

7 thoughts on “Sitting on the dock of the bay, wastin' time…..”

  1. Obviously – when writing to gilliard do not mention the story under “for your eyes only” because the government will screw the person/persons who described the true situation. Shergar is a forward RAAF base, and these Labor scum are now directly screwing our military facilities. Labor are traitors to this country and to the people who built it.

  2. Has anybody you know got the legal wherewithal to foist the costs directly onto those who cause the import of these ungrateful individuals?

    Or should I say, parasites?

    It is the personal ego and wishes of the Labour party, not a part of National strategy.

  3. Go right ahead and nick away, Sir Henry Morgan!

    And for Andyj:

    “It is the personal ego and wishes of the Labour party, not a part of National strategy.”

    My thoughts exactly. How do we hold them individually responsible and get rid of the ‘yuman rites’ machine which is destroying the future of our kids?

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