Tarek Fatah calls Mounties "useful idiots"

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Mounties on the job

Actually, he’s got a point: ever heard of a case where police would call a meeting of Christian leaders to apologize for arresting someone on Christmas Day?

Mounties apologized for Ramadan terror arrests

Outreach to Muslims following the arrests is being criticized by some Muslim Canadians as blind pandering.

Ahmadinejad loves it. Cracks down on “Hardline Proseletyzers“. Wonder if the Revolutionary Guards will apologize like our Mounties?

Worst nation in which to be Christian: and the winner is… * (Blazing Cat Fur)

Toronto Sun via Vlad Tepes

OTTAWA – As RCMP investigators searched through homes, computers and the seized equipment of three terror suspects arrested at the end of August, the RCMP’s community outreach office in Ottawa was calling an emergency meeting of the cultural diversity consultative committee to apologize to local Muslims.

“To show support to our Muslim brothers and sisters during RAMADAN, there will be no food or drink during this most important meeting. This meeting is for one hour only, in order to observe prayer time and the breaking of the fast during RAMADAN,” wrote Cpl. Wayne Russett.

The committee, especially Cpl. Russett, went into high gear after the arrest of Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh and Misbahuddin Ahmed in Ottawa’s west end on Aug. 25. The two men, along with Khurram Syed Sher, were charged with several terrorism-related offences in a plot the Mounties say was aimed at launching a terrorist attack in Canada and supporting terrorism abroad.

At the Aug. 26 meeting, one day after the terror bust, RCMP and Ottawa police officials apologized that arrests had taken place during Ramadan.

In the days after the arrests, Cpl. Russett held more than a dozen meetings with Muslim groups in Ottawa including visits to mosques, community centres and several meals to break the Ramadan fast.

“We have been actively engaging the local Muslim Communities and will continue to do so in an attempt to neutralize and elevate any issues of concern,” Russett wrote in an e-mail to Francois Bidal, the commanding officer of the RCMP’s A Division, which covers the National Capital Region.

The outreach to Muslims following the arrests is being criticized by some Muslim Canadians as blind pandering.

“This e-mail is an indication of how within the RCMP there are officers in authority who do not see the threat Islamism poses to our nation, but unwittingly perform the role of useful idiots,” said Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

“Why would they apologize to Muslims for arrests during Ramadan?” one of the meeting participants asked. The person, who did not want to be named, highly doubted police would call a meeting of Christian leaders to apologize for arresting someone on Christmas Day.

The cultural diversity consultative committee was established to “advance and promote positive relations between the RCMP the diverse cultural groups” of the National Capital Region.

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  1. * cultural diversity consultative committee

    Beyond idiocy or usefulness:


    [Islamists, Iran, and the RCMP’s “cultural diversity”
    by Michael Petrou on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 3:06pm – 115 Comments

    An RCMP “ethnic liaison officer” is urging his colleagues to attend a conference on a “Just and Sustainable Peace” that was organized in part by a Green Party of Canada candidate who believes the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job,” and whose participants include the director general of an NGO that endorses hate-filled stereotypes about Jews. Three academics from Iran are flying in for the event.

    Among speakers scheduled to speak at the conference, which will take place in Ottawa on Oct. 28, is Davood Ameri, director general of the Iran-based “Islamic World Peace Forum,” an organization whose website includes cartoons of Israeli soldiers murdering babies, and one of a hook-nosed Jew wearing a top hat full of tiny skulls.]

  2. Be Alert But … don’t bother calling us, we’re too busy showing support for our muslim brothers and sisters to actually catch them.

  3. I wonder what happens when churches are desecrated and Christians killed.
    When communities bordering Muslim enclaves begin reporting the rape, kidnapping and murder of their children.
    Because it will happen.

  4. This political correctness has gone beyond stupid now,it’s insane.That dumbshit Mountie should be fired for gross stupidity.

  5. The cultural diversity consultative committee will, of course, be disbanded and the pigs permitted to fly off.

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