The Audacity of the Muslim POTUS

The flag of PLO terrorists over Washington?

But of course: respeck it, infidel!

Any day now: the black flag of Islam over the White House

New congressman Rep. Allen West denounces raising of PLO flag

“This action is a diplomatic slap in the face of our greatest of allies, Israel.”

He was joined by another South Florida congressperson and fellow Republican, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, in condemning the flag-raising. They’re asking President Obama and the Department of State’s Foreign Missions to yank back the permission that was given to the PLO to raise it. (Source)

Profiling? WH Spokesman: ‘Rational People’ Reach Conclusion About President’s Citizenship Based on Seeing and Hearing Him (Breitbart)

I guess we’re not rational: WTF is the birth certificate?

Is the White House’s official position really to suggest that a person’s citizenship can be determined based on how they look and how they sound? If not, what did the White House spokesman mean by this statement?

4 thoughts on “The Audacity of the Muslim POTUS”

  1. In the Obamanations case you are just supposed to take HIS word on it as he has not produced one scrap of Documentation to PROVE where and when and to whom he was born. Come to think of it he has not produced one scrap of Documentation to confirm and PROVE anything in his CV whatsoever.
    Now if that person was an upstanding individual maybe you could cut him a break on one or two lapses but not as in Obambi’s case EVERYTHING. Of course it does not help that his so called Autobiographies are also largely FICTION as he himelf has admitted and that he is a proven BLATANT BARE FACED LIAR. Still the Lame Stream EneMedia will dissect his every word and action a’la Palin. Whats that they gave him a FREE PASS what a surprise.

  2. Not only was the Chinese Communist Piano player allowed to play an ANTI American tune at the White House reception for the Chinese Communist Dictator but the White House Xmas tree had decorations on it with the face of Mass Murdering Communist Dictator Mao on them. Now you may think these are just mistakes and protocol gaffes I do not i think this is the Communist Mohammedan man child HUSSEIN taking the PISS knowing that most Americans are too stupid to realise it.

  3. Just read the Mohammedan BOGUS POTUS HUSSEIN Obambi is going to talk about the FIVE PILLARS that he is going to implement during his State of The Union speech. “FIVE Pillars” “57 States” anyone still think that Obambi is not taking the piss out of naive, gullible , uneducated, ignorant , stupid Americans. Why is he doing it well because he can and the moonbats and Lame Stream EneMedia have got his back.

  4. Thanks for the lovely photograph of obama laughing. Are you sure you’re not insulting chimpanzees? I reckon Chimps will take offence if they knew you were using their face for obummer.
    How can obummer produce a birth certificate when he was born in kenya? He is a good muslim who learned the art of lying from birth. We have muslim friends and the one thing they all have in common is their ability to lie with a straight face.

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