The Black Flag of Islam

Thanks to TT and Vlad Tepes:

Tommy Robinson is a hero for removing the black flag of Islamic Jihad

This is what got EDL British patriot, Tommie Robinson in trouble with the law, the forcible removal of Islam’s black flag of jihad from the jihadi supporters who were filmed burning poppies on the day honoring British men and women killed while serving in the British armed forces. Robinson is in fact a patriot. Thanks to Vlad for making the following vid. KGS

The Black Flag (al-raya) traces its roots to the very beginning of Islam. It was the battle (jihad) flag of the Prophet Muhammad, carried into battle by many of his companions, including his nephew ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib.

– United States Military Academy, West Point

3 thoughts on “The Black Flag of Islam”

  1. See the sword? Any questions? Advice for EDL:

    Go to Tower of London. Take several pikes, swords, halberds, bayonets. Train with them. Anyone brandishing flags with swords on them gets put to the spit, on your lances and pikes. Up the Irons, West Ham. Do your worst. Then put the rest in an Iron Maiden as a lesson to take back home to the cesspools from whence they came.

    Repeat until there are no “sword flags” flying in your proud British faces.

  2. While I am very much on the side of Mr. Robinson, I should like to point out a tactical mistake – EDL:

    Buy your own black Jihad flags.
    When faced with poppy-burning jihadists – burn their flag.
    Better yet, have a number of EDL members ostentatiously burning jihad flags. On that day, the MSM was on the side of the British people, burning a flag would have sent a better message than trying to steal one.

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