Too Hard Box, UK: "Lack of Law-Breaking" Prevents David Cameron Banning of Hizb-ut-Tahrir

Cameron puts HT ban on back burner

Looks like the Tories can’t stop the jihad on benefits either:

Also interesting that British police doesn’t follow up on death threats against their own people, but instead focuses on those who take issue with Mohammedan da’awa efforts. Notice the police taking photos and videotaping — one assumes they are much more interested in gathering intelligence on “racist hooligans” than they are on finding and prosecuting the thug who issued the death threat.

Tiny minority of excremists display symptoms of fanatical frenzy……

The Tory Party’s 2010 election manifesto did contain an explicit commitment to “ban any organisations which advocate hate or the violent overthrow of our society, such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir”. And when he was leader of the opposition Cameron repeatedly called for the proscription of HT (see for example here, here, here,here)

It appears Cameron’s party can’t ban the Hizbies because they’re not breaking the law enough.

Right. Why worry about hate or the violent overthrow of your society when they’re -not yet-  ready to blow you up  or chop off your head?

Too Hard for Homo’s:

Huh? Britain is being taken over by rabidly homophobic Islamists and, er, gay people. At the same time.

(A deliberate distortion of Melanie Phillips writing by Harry’s hyper sensitive homo promo’s)