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Cenk Uygur is  one of the resident lunatics on MSNBC, a Soros funded, nauseating  Muslim headbanger  who regularly proves Dr A. Carlebach right:

“They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.”

Here he is again, throwing his own feces at Glenn Beck:

Olberturd might end up in the senate:

Keith Olbermann for Senate


At first I laughed, assuming it was a sick joke. Then a cold chill ran down my spine. What if this is for real?

Nothing is too preposterous to be possible, in a country where obnoxious ultra-left comedian Al Franken is already in the Senate (with help from ACORN) and an unqualified adolescent Marxist with enough radical associations to be on an FBI watch list is President.

Tim Blair:

Demented libel blogger Charles Johnson discovers “violent, hateful jihad”, and doesn’t like it one bit: THEY’RE QUOTING MY WORDS! IT’S A SMEAR CAMPAIGN!


Here’s how it works: Charles invents a threat and gets his army of sycophants to soil themselves over it. The small-brained lizards all fell for Charles’s little truth-bending exercise…..

Anti Aussie Racism is Real:

According to British tabloid the Daily Mail, Geoff  Stephens is taking legal action against his employers after enduring years of Australianist abuse. The 48-year-old claims these bigoted Brits made “jokes about kangaroos”, mocked historical Australian cultural practices involving prawns and barbecues and even asked if his girlfriend was named Sheila. BONZA DAY

Back on the home front, things are worse:

Only Aborigines may vote

A “well-intentioned” racist law encourages even smart people to think up even “nicer” forms of race-based division:

This is crazy stuff, holding race-based votes over race-based laws. It’s even crazier when you consider that many prominent Aborigines have just as much European ancestry as Aboriginal, and often much more

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  1. I can’t believe Charles jOhnson is still even on the internet. How many people click over there, 400? What a pathetic douche.

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