I tuned in last night to see a Memorial to the Tucson shooting victims and got stuck on an Obama Political rally…

They Can’t Help It — Anti-Palin Posters (Atlas)

There are no newsmen and journalists any more. Not on the left.  Everyone in the Leftist lamestream media seek to be opinion makers rather than reporters.  The obsession with the advancement of nineteenth century socialist objectives is absolutely pathological. And opportunistic:


The NYT’s Tale of Two Speeches: Angry, ‘Accusatory’ Palin Vs. Obama’s ‘Plea for Civility, Love and Compassion’

Caring, compassionate Muslim POTUS

Never mind the pitchforks, or the “bring a gun to a knife fight”: Obama, whose plea for civility, love and compassion — for us to all be not just better citizens but better people — exposed for the first time the emotions of a leader who has spent two years staying cool and controlled for a nation beset by difficult times.

CBS Blames Sarah Palin For Injecting ‘Politics and Controversy’ Into Tucson Shooting

Sarah Palin: Blood Libel

  • Katie Couric lamented: “The President tries to comfort a nation in mourning…”
  • Chip Reid:  “a battle that became even more heated today when Sarah Palin joined the fray.”

Chris Matthews: ‘People That Talk About Blood Libel and Bull’s Eyes Shouldn’t be President’

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Tingles  knows. Sarah Palin will be the first female president of the United States:

Such happened after Matthews spent much of the first half of his “Hardball” program excoriating the former Alaska governor for her videotaped response to the tragic shootings in Tucson Saturday (video follows with transcript and commentary)

Olberturd Bashes Timing of Palin’s Tucson Remarks Day After Attacking Her Silence on Shootings

It is crystal clear that whatever Sarah Palin does, she is going to be mercilessly lambasted by America’s so-called journalists.

Roughly 24 hours after attacking the former Alaska governor for having not spoken publicly since Saturday’s tragic shootings in Tucson, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann criticized Palin for issuing a videotaped statement the morning of that event’s memorial (video follows)

Imus Rips ‘Angry,’ ‘Vile,’ ‘Psycho,’ ‘Spittle-spewing’ Chris Matthews for Attacking Mark Levin

As NewsBusters previously reported, Chris Matthews on Tuesday blamed conservative talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Michael Savage for supposedly creating the climate of hate that led to Saturday’s shootings in Tucson, ArizonaRead more: /

WatchRadio Caller Blasts Al Sharpton Over Palin Blame Game in AZ Shooting Media

Livelong race huckster, gangster & political agit prop Sharpton

“[Palin]’s public enemy number one to the left. Now for her to get all this attention, she must be top dog. That’s my two cents,” he concluded.

Mark Levin Issues $100,000 Challenge To Chris Matthews

“I challenge Chris Matthews, I’ll put $100,000 on the table, to find any example where Sarah Palin has promoted the murder of anybody,” radio host Mark Levin said on his nationally syndicated show. (view more at American Spectator)

Levin says he will sue if anyone makes any libelous accusation against him for being complicit in the murder of anyone.   “I’m going to drag your ass into court,” Levin said.

One thought on “Toxic”

  1. I’m just curious. I’ve been paying attention to the news for the past week. I first found out that a Representative was shot on Saturday morning. By the afternoon, Sarah Palin was the prime suspect. Then by Sunday morning, Sarah Palin had fled the scene of the crime and there was a nation-wide manhunt for her. She remained a fugitive from the law for the past 6 days. There’s even footage of her shooting a gun in the Tucson Safeway parking lot.

    Of course, she denies any of this. So she puts out a video replying to the blood-libel. And yet we hear from the “fair and impartial” media that she “found a way to insert herself into this story.” So, Sarah Palin shoots and kills 6 people and then has the nerve to deny it via facebook video. What a shame!

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