Turkey whines over Dutch immigration policies

Europe will be Islamized

Turkey: Criticism of Dutch immigration policies

The Turkish government has fiercely criticised the new Dutch government’s stricter immigration and integration policies. Ankara’s Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik minister mentioned the high costs of obtaining a residence permit, compulsory integration courses and the fact that Turkish language classes are not part of the curriculum offered at Dutch schools.

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Mr Çelik pointed to the successful integration of Turkish immigrants in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. He said the Netherlands and other Western European countries could learn from their example. We beg to differ. (source Islam in Europe)

Turkish PM  Erdogan asks Israel to fire Avigdor Lieberman, its foreign minister

It gets worse: Hamas good, Lieberman bad:

Erdogan: Turkey will stand by Hamas

Israel should ask Turkey to sack Erdogan and the Islamist thugs who are about to turn Turkey into another Iran. (Al Jizz)

Sweden: Muslims who pray cannot be terrorists

“Police needs more knowledge. Any muslim can pray in a public space. It is completely normal and just because you pray, you are not a terrorist.” Really? (source)

Good Dhimmies develop strategy for combating Islamophobia in the wake of the Stockholm suicide bombing:

Sweden: Following suicide attack, integration minister to work on combating Islamophobia.  Via The Local:

Germany: Muslim leader attended Christmas mass

A delegation of Muslims in Milan also attended the Coptic Christmas services. (To spy.  To see who they are and where they live….) Via EarthTimes

Swiss Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey whined that the plebiscite against minarets “complicates Switzerland’s proactive foreign politics…” (Source)

Netherlands: Life benefits to Bosnian refugees who go home

It is estimated that some 30,000 Bosnians settled in the Netherlands after the war and many have failed to integrate into Dutch society.  The Dutch government said it was a “quality solution for all foreigners who have failed to integrate into Dutch society”. (source)

Paris: Blast at Tunisian consulate

7 thoughts on “Turkey whines over Dutch immigration policies”

  1. What on earth do the Turks think they are doing interfering in the internal affairs of Holland. Then you get the Egyptians claiming that killing Christians is just an Internal Affairs matter. HYPOCRISY and Islam go hand in hand.

  2. This may sound outrageous but if applied to all Muslims, is not such a bad idea.

    Note that the sum offered is for the lifetime of the departing immigrants, and not for his/her descendants in perpetuity. So we get rid of the problem right away, and pay for it in one generation.

    At this moment in time, we are probably paying far more in Welfare, and this is set to grow rapidly as the Muslim population increases. This is just the financial cost, and does not take into account crime, rapes, social disintegration as well as terrorism.

    On these grounds, I believe that this policy should be supported, and encouraged with incentives ( carrots), as well sticks of an appropriate nature.

  3. Its been tried, it doesn’t work, DP111.

    The Germans offered a payout including ongoing payments for Turks to return some 20 years ago. Many took the money, in some cases up to $ 60.000.00 dollars, blew it in Turkey and then returned.

    What can you do with these extended family clans, their lies and threats? Heads they win, tails you lose.

    Its a bottomless pit, but when you say something, you are a racist bigot Islamophobic Nazi.

  4. The mere fact that Turkey would be pissed off at the Netherlands immigration policies, and the fact that the Turkish government wants Turkish language to be taught in Dutch schools reveals their true goals.

    It isn’t about immigration at all. It is about ISLAMIC CONQUEST.
    When is the rest of the world going to wake up to the jihad?

  5. Sheikh

    I think there are now better means to identify “Returnees”, such as eye scans and DNA fingerprinting. One can also make it a condition that the payment is obtainable in installments each month. These should be done under the condition of NO Muslim immigration.

    At least one gives out the signal that Muslims are no longer welcome.

    Something has to be tried or we are sunk.

    1. Sure, we have all these things.

      But we don’t have the will to send them back. Just look at the UK: they have hundreds, if not thousands of known Islamic headbangers on welfare who are planning and plotting their demise, and then tell me how many they deported since 7/7. (Omar Bakri doesn’t count, he went on his own…)

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