Why Must Australian Taxpayers Bleed for Islamic Schools in Indonesia?

WoJ reported:

Australia finances 2000 Islamic schools where kids are taught to hate and kill infidels:

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith officially opened theTsanawiyah Balaraja Islamic School in Sukamulya, Banten, today (15/7).

Andrew Bolt: Gillard will be ripped off in Indonesia as she was at home

Robert Cannon has consulted on education and development in Indonesia and has a couple of questions about the $500 million Julia Gillard is giving to Indonesia for its schools:

A significant component of the program is Australian construction of about 2000 junior secondary schools to create approximately 300,000 new places. About $222m, nearly half of Australia’s input, is being allocated for this purpose…

The question Australia should be asking is why Indonesia, now assessed by the World Bank as a middle-income country, is reliant on external grants for school construction. Why can’t Indonesia build its own schools?

Are we paying for this?

Teaching little Muslim boys how to cut off your head

Animal beheadings is part of the curriculum. Notice how the goat’s legs are tied together. The goat  is alive when they cut his throat.

And here’s a graduate student demonstrating his skillz:

Barenaked has more….

Another $182m of Australia’s aid money is earmarked for an accredited training program targeting school principals and local government officials…

Indonesia’s education system is the fourth largest in the world, with about 57 million students and 3.8 million teachers in 314,000 schools…

Given the Australian government’s recent record in implementing programs at home (think the BER, pink batts and the raging debates over the costs and relevance of the NBN), why should the Australian taxpayer have any confidence in the government’s ability to implement and monitor programs in 491 local government districts and 33 provinces in another country, one that already has a reputation for corruption?

Muslim schools: Islam’s most worrying manifestation of all

The Saudis have penetrated deep within our educational System

US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America, Jesus was a “Palestinian,” the state of Israel never existed, and that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus. At this rate, perhaps even Saudi grade-school textbooks, complete with jihadi and dhimmi declarations, will come to instruct American school-children. (ActforAmerica)

One of three beheaded Indonesian schoolgirls decapitated by hooded Muslim terrorists. Two of the girls’ heads were found in a field while the third girl’s head was found in front of a church. Their crime? Being Christian.

8 thoughts on “Why Must Australian Taxpayers Bleed for Islamic Schools in Indonesia?”

  1. Why aren’t Aussie citizens up in arms? Are you simply going to sit back & take this assault on your values & tax dollars?

  2. No WPF,
    Labor will be dealt with at the next election, and hopefully some of the key players in the ALP hierarchy can be jailed for selling out on our country.

  3. Re WPF.. Yes !!! we will.
    Only about 40% of Australians actually WORK for a living and pay tax.
    The rest are, on some type of Social Security benefit.
    The present Socialist federal government is importing into Australia as many Muslim “Refugees” as it can via the lefts people smuggling enterprise, the vast majority of these ‘refugees” and their descendants will be forever Housed, clothed, educated, fed, medicated, receive Dental and medical treatment free of charge for LIFE in exchange for their votes for the UN/ Islam friendly Union Financed Australian Labor Party.

    Last year the Australian Labor Party imported 10,000 + illegal refugees, the vast majority been Muslims into Australia, thats right, the most incompatible group of people on the planet were delibaratly imported into Australia by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to immediately be housed clothed and fed for life, paid for by the ALP’s infidel tax payers.

    Who out there voted for the Labor Party’s sponsored Islamic Colonization of Australia ? Did ya vote Labor ? did ya vote Green /Independant? Well ya got what ya voted for ya dumb Fucks enjoy!!! oh and don’t forget to work harder that is if you still have a job.

  4. SNIP
    Can you tell that I am sick of those animals?
    And there should also be a (hunting) season on the politicians responsible for letting them into the country.

  5. “When Pigs Fly*, Yeah, and our Government will keep giving and giving on the backs of the Australian working people. AND WE HAVE NO SAY. None of us wants to fund anything Muslim. No amount of pleading with our politicians will help. And there is no help for an Australian.

    I am shocked by the last photograph. A big blow up of this horrific barbarism should be sent to Julia “Godless”. She is suffering from a disease known as the “Nero Syndrome”. We can all go to hell while she sits in her oppulence and the majority of Australians struggle with Power bills, rising food prices, and on top of that we give so much to those who wish us harm. Paying tribute to these ghastly people will not save us. The time to act s now before they are so deeply entrenched into our homeland that we have become obsolete. Dont laugh it is happening.

  6. First Howard gave these scum ONE BILLION Australian dollars to rebuild their f***ing villages when the Tsunami struck. The Tsunami was a god send destroying these sons of satan. Now, Pinocchio Gillard and ass kissing Smith are parting with more of our Tax payers money? Who gives these brain dead turds the right to throw our money away on swine?
    Gillard and Bligh asking the Australian public for donations for our flood affected victims while Gillard brazenly borrows billions of dollars to bring muslim boat people here and give them the best. Is she frikken joking? What, is the rest of the country brain dead too?

  7. So nice that Juliar is financing the madrassas in Indonesia where the next jihadis are indoctrinated in Quran and infidel West hatred…with OUR tax dollars! Jihad Julia wll be voted OUT in the next election along with her muslim apologist Labour unionists and greenie climate carbon tax scammers.. in the meantime we can get on board with anti-islamist organizations here in Australia..one good one which is enlightening our citizens about Islam being promoted in OUR schools, halal, islamic apartheid/segregation in our public pools, centres,etc..is http://www.qsociety.org …speak up, join groups and get out the message NO SHARIA and NO ISLAMISATION OF AUSTRALIA . Download their leaflets and get letterboxing, handing them out!

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