You could almost feel sorry for her….

“When I was nine years old, I was raped by two of my uncles – my father’s brothers,” Karima El Mahgroug said in an interview on one of Berlusconi’s TV channels.

That Aiisha thing again: Muhammad married Aiisha when she was 6 and consummated ‘the marriage’ when she was nine, and every Mohamedan  seeks to emulate him because he was the perfect man……..

“The only person who I dared to talk to about what happened, my mother, said – keep quiet, because if your dad finds out you’re not a virgin, he’ll kill you,” said El Mahroug, who is more often known by her stagename Ruby….. (Source)

2 thoughts on “You could almost feel sorry for her….”

  1. Why the sarcasm? Why wouldn’t you feel sorry for someone who was raped when she was 9? How horrible. Or am I missing something?

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