70 % of Winds of Jihad Readers Believe Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member

Gee, I guess that must make us all crazy racist Islamophobes, xenophobic bigots and rednecks.

18 %  don’t believe he is, and the rest were undecided. The new poll starts today about Egypt.

Some more offerings from the RoP:

Yet another ‘honor killing’ in Leicester:

‘Muslim convert’ wife murdered along with her two children by monster husband had only stayed with him for ‘sake of the kids’  (Daily Mail)

No bleeding hearts for me: ship them all back! (Andrew Bolt)

Gillards Shipwreck Funeral Business, paid for by the taxpayers of Australia…..

Rape in Tahrir Square:

In the crush of the mob, Lara Logan was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering.

I guess all we need is more Koranimals invading our countries….

“I’m in touch with GOD, the US is not”, sez Helen

Helen 2

U.S. Not on God’s Side: Helen Thomas on America‘s ’Attitude’ in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

9 thoughts on “70 % of Winds of Jihad Readers Believe Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member”

  1. Roosevelt Vs. Obama

    “Speak softly and carry a big stick” was President Teddy Roosevelt’s slogan.
    Try to guess which President loves these two slogans:
    “Fight for Allah and not for America!”
    “Jigaboo for Jihad and not for Jesus!”
    For more info on the Hypocrite-in-Chief, Google “Obama Fulfilling the Bible.”

  2. Really? There are really ignorant people in the world to believe that the President of the U.S. is Muslim. You people are no better than those who were calling George Bush a Nazi. I just pray for the world. Yes I am Christian.

  3. Really? Please explain to us why you think Obama is not a Muslim, and we’ll explain why us who think he still, we will explain.

    Obama was raised Muslim, call America “a great Muslim nation”…against all facts like there is still more Jews living in the USA than Islamic converts. So why isn’t America “a great Jewish nation” to Obama? Obama said he will stand with Muslims no matter what. No matter what? Even if Islamic Jihadists detonate nukes here in the USA? Obama’s college fees were completely picked up by a Arab Muslim. Why on earth would Muslims show so much interest in a apostate to the religion, if he truly left the religion? If you knew any details about Islam, Muslims can call themselves “Christian” because they consider themselves the real people of God and will co-opt Jesus for purposes of acceptance. the so called “inter-faith” dialog and claiming to be a Abrahamic religion is plenty evidence for this.

    Any rebuttal? I serious doubt we are going to see anything, and if there is a response it will nothing more than the equivalence nonsense you already spouted.

  4. Then why would Imam Hussein Obama increase the number of troops to fight his “brethren” in Afghanistan, geniuses?

    oh, and why hasn’t Caliph hussein sotero closed gitmo, where the infidel armies are illegally imprisoning his muhahadin brothers?

    Please, people. He’s about as muslim as lord krishna. Obama is just a garden variety hardcore leftist dupe.

    But then again, leftists and muslims do exhibit the same characteristics.

    So, I guess it’s somewhat interchangeable.

  5. I think we all need to remember this:

    Obama is LAWYER first. It’s barak Hussein Obama, Attorney-at-Law. Nothing more. He is well trained to be duplicitous in his statements, as a good lawyer should. He could convince you that someone is a murderer and innocent all in the same breath.

    I believe he is a Muslim Sympathizer. I would love to ask him if his young daughters are ready to be married, against their will, to a lecherous 52 year old man from Afghanistan. We have all seen the photos of child brides there.

    Laso, I would love to ask him very pointed questions:

    What is the English translation for the Arabic word Islam?

    What does Dhimmi mean?

    What does Jizya mean?

    What does the word Talib (plural Taliban) mean?

    What happens if someone wants to leave Islam and become a Buddhist?

    ad infinitum

  6. Obama’s daughters will not have to be married off. Islam works as communism did (does). Those in the golden circle do not have to follow the rules. The princes and princesses of Saudi Arabia make the world’s great cities their playgrounds; the better-connected women are university professors or journalists. But the less-esteemed are women who go out only with male escorts, shadows in burkas.

    Those who do not realize that BO is a muslim are in denial. WHY would he want sharia law if he were not? Look all the way back to his campaigning for Odinga in Kenya.

    You cannot say that his Afghanistan policies prove he is not muslim. He is going for the long-term. Muslims are always willing to kill other muslims for their own political ambitions. Afghanistan is just another example of this.

  7. To the poster who asked if obama is a muslim ..why would he send american soldier’s to afganistan to ‘fight his muslim brother’s” Why does the muslim sunni kill the muslim shites? When muslim’s are not killing jew’s and christians and buddists and hindi..they kill each other. It’s brother against brother. It’s in their blood. They love death and anything related to the death culture. I remember how sad i felt when i read of a lebanese wife and mother who stated how depressed her husband was..never smiled nor laughed in all the 15 years she was married to him.Until the muslims in lebanan went to war against the isareli’s. It was only then with the thought of killing and maiming did he become joyful and hapy even surprising his wife and kid’s with gifts. He then went on to kill the jewish invading army and died a happy man. How sad that he had to stand before God in his evilness.

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