Afghanistan: the Terror Comes Straight From the Mosque

Many of which we are paying for. Our taxpayer dollars at work:

Shocker: Afghan jihadists using mosques to launch attacks with the help of imams

No, as always, the outrage will continue to be reserved for cartoons, Christian women accused of insulting Muhammad after refusing to convert to Islam, and a Pope accused of “attacking” the entire Ummah at once (like some kind of Bavarian, octogenarian Chuck Norris?) by calling for the repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

“Militants Use Mosques to Plot Attacks: NDS,” from ToloNews, February 3 via JW: Afghan jihadists using mosques

Insurgents use mosques and other religious centres to plan their attacks against government, a senior official in National Directorate of Security said Thursday.

Insurgent attacks are often planned in mosques and five individuals including two Imams were detained in Kabul in connection with the issue, NDS Spokesperson, Lotfullah Mashal told a news conference.

Organisers of Kabul suicide bombing, who targeted a supermarket in a busy diplomatic area last week, have been identified.

National security forces have recently detained the Imam of a mosque located in 10th district of Kabul along with a religious student from Kandahar over charges of facilitating insurgent activities in the country.

National security forces seized 12 magnetic mines and more than 10 IEDs from the Imam that were kept in the mosque.

They were planning to carry out a series of attacks in Shashdarak, an area near the Presidental palace, and airport roads. During investigations, they confessed having ties with Haqqani network, which is based in Pakistan’s tribal belt.

“I’m the Imam of a mosque near Airport Street,” the arrested man said.

“Unfortunately, enemy uses sacred places to carry out their attacks. Kabul citizens should not let suspicious people stay in mosques overnight,” Mr Mashal said.

Another Imam of a mosque in Pul-e-Charkhi was arrested on charges of plotting militant attacks against government and foreign forces.

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  1. Another young man, and Australian lies dead in Afghanistan on soil he was never meant to tread.

    I would like to honour him and mourn with his parents and family.

    Both sides of politics Please, Bring them home, bring our boys home, or pack up your parliament and go their and you do do the fighting for yourself. You are hideous people with hideous intent and hideous minds.

  2. Im not surprized by the way things are turnning……what we need to do first is to clean out the fags in our own goverment first an then give those idiots emma next!

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