Yusuf rubs it: behind Egypt riots are middle class – lawyers, doctors, university students and professors….

Yusuf  as always,  better than his momma’s curry:

Why do people like this join a protest march?

The protesters in Egypt have been largely middle class – lawyers, doctors, university students and professors. They have something to lose if this nation of 86 million descends into anarchy, but they also say they may not have much left if Egypt does not shift course.

Shifting course towards sharia?

That’ll fix it, sure. In a country where you have 90 % illiteracy and 97 % genital mutilation…. really?

See, Egypt is just like in America, or EUrabia:

Do you recognize your alma mater? From left to right: Dr Jihad, dr Stoning, professor Allahu Akbar, doctor Jeans, doctor Hacker, doctor Chopper, doctor Cutthroat and doctor  Clubber…..

But forget about the jokes: Both the lawyers’ and doctors’ associations in Egypt are dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Look at these people.

The same criminal lunatics who bomb and murder Copts, rape their children and forcibly convert them to Islam.  These are the people who would burn the Cairo museum  to eliminate the remnants of the Jahiliyyah. (Pre-Islamic times, “the age of ignorance”, before the coming of the criminal “prophet of Islam”) These are the people who celebrate  every terrorist  attack on Israel and the West, and this is the same kind of mob that would stone women accused of adultery.

And then there are the useful idiots from the enemedia who claim they are ‘doctors, lawyers and professionals….”

We Can Relate… Mubarak on Obama: He Doesn’t Understand” (GWP)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told Christiane Amanpour that Obama does not understand the situation in Egypt.

The Politico reported:  he said he told President Obama “you don’t understand the Egyptian culture and what would happen if I step down now.”

Egyptian  Hop’n’Change  PeopleThreaten to Behead ABC Reporter

Peaceful Egyptians threatened to behead ABC News reported Brian Hartman yesterday.
ABC reported:

A group of angry Egyptian men carjacked an ABC News crew and threatened to behead them today in the latest and most menacing attack on foreign reporters trying to cover the anti-government uprising. (GWP)

More Pic’s of Muselmanic Scientists thanks to the Tundra Tabloids:

The Muselmanic Mothers of Invention….

Who said Muslims never invented anything?

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  1. Remember folks, these peaceful Egyptians are the same ones that raped and murdered over 70 tourists to death a few short years ago at Luxor. My, but what short memories we have.


    I would like to invite the islamic community to explain why we should not exterminate it.

  2. * More Pic’s of Muselmanic Scientists …

    I’ll take number 1, as I can get 30 cents for the deposit on the bottles.

  3. Your stupidity makes me laugh. Also you might want to do a quick google and find out all the things Muslims have invented. My final note, my God you’re stupid!

  4. “Z” It’s quite apparent who the really stupid one is, your own words have convicted you…..yawn…..and oh yes, please list ALL the (legitimate and not stolen ) things muslims invented. I wait with bated breath and much intelligent skepticism.

  5. Don’t hold your breath for any sort of reply, w*p*f, these people (namely “Z”) only tend to submit one comment and then run away with their tails between their legs like the filthy dogs they are…

  6. Obama & Planet Irf: are they speaking code?

    Mr Obama said the “rebels” in Libya were “professionals, lawyers, doctors, people who appear to be credible,” he told CBS.

    The Australian

    However, the “lawyers, doctors & professionals” revolution is not petering out too well for Egypts Christians, as we can see here:

    Raymond Ibrahim: No “revolution” for Egypt’s Christians

    Islamic apologists in the West routinely claim that the dhimma is a thing of the past, and that only greasy Islamophobes think otherwise. Muhammad Hassan must be a greasy Islamophobe. “No ‘Revolution’ for Egypt’s Christians,” by Raymond Ibrahim in FrontPageMagazine.com (via RaymondIbrahim.com), March 22:

    On March 5, Muslims attacked, plundered, and set ablaze an ancient Coptic church in Sool, a village near Cairo, Egypt. Afterwards, throngs of Muslims gathered around the scorched building and pounded its walls down with sledge hammers—to cries of “Allahu Akbar!” Adding insult to injury, the attackers played “soccer” with the relic-remains of the church’s saints and martyrs and transformed the desecrated church into a mosque (a live example of history, which witnessed countless churches seized and transformed into mosques). As a result of Christian girls being abducted and raped and overall terrorization of the Coptic community, thousands fled the village. (See this letter to Egypt’s military leadership signed by twenty congressmen discussing this and similar anecdotes.)
    This latest church rampage was initiated by Muslims killing each other over an affair between a Christian man and a Muslim woman—and then transferring their violence onto the Copts of the region and their church.

    Radical sheikh Muhammad Hassan, who was commissioned to investigate the incident, recently shared his “findings” on Egyptian TV. After insisting to Coptic viewers that “Islam is a religion of peace, mercy, and justice,” he said that the “Muslim youth” who attacked the church never intended to do so; rather, they went there searching for a Coptic man. After invading the church, they discovered ancient liturgical books in the Coptic script, and papers with the names of Muslims. These were interpreted as “sorcery”—hence, they destroyed the church. (The fact is, some Muslims venerate St. Mary and often submit their names at churches for intercession.)

    Not once did Hassan condemn the Muslim perpetrators. He even referred to the Copts as “dhimmis” and “pact-holders,” prompting outrage among Egypt’s indigenous Christian population, or as one Copt put it: “Hassan wants to make Dhimmis out of us… I thought we were living in [a] country with a constitution and a police force and not in Mecca or Medina, 14 centuries ago. Or maybe this is a first step to later subject Christians to Jizya for protection.”…

    Read it all.

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