'Allahu akbar' in Australia

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These are the same people who scream “Death to the Jews” back in Tunisia…..

Political asylum for Libyan Embassy staff in Canberra?

It doesn’t appear that the Libyan diplomatic personnel is keen on representing their leader anymore. I my humble opinion they just sense that the days of Colonel Gaddafi are numbered and try to position themselves to be on the winning side.

AUSTRALIA is preparing for the potential defection of key diplomats from the Libyan embassy after a senior official yesterday walked away from the Gaddafi regime, declaring he now represented “the Libyan people”.

Omran Zwed, speaking in front of the embassy, told a small band of emotionally charged Libyan protesters: “We represent the Libyan people and no longer the Libyan regime.”

His declaration defused a charged standoff, with the protesters erupting into applause and chants of “Allah Akbar” — or God is great. (it actually means ‘Allah is greater’/ed)

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd signalled the government was making plans to accept a defection. (source)

Dan Zaremba from Islam Monitor would recommend the following, informative article to all our readers: LINK


Help offered to Australians stranded in Libya – ABC News … evacuating 105 Australians from Libya will be complicated by airport officials’ demand for exit visas. (blackmail & extortion)

Regardless of what will happen in Libya,  we must realize it is part of the same movement – resurrecting the Caliphate.

Of course many people living under authoritarian Islamic regimes, who put their lives in the line of fire think simply that they are fighting for freedom .

The sad truth remains that Muslim Brotherhood is the only organized force behind the latest turmoil taking place in ALL Islamic countries.

They will try to make a run for power now (read also THIS article) and as long as their loyal Imams have control of the Mosques they can muster new and new crowds on the streets demanding “social justice” after every Friday sermon.