'Allahu akbar' in St Kilda

ABC thanks to Mullah

Remember  Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon , who proclaimed: “One day Australia will be ruled by sharia”- well, its happening before our very eyes:

A row has broken out in a Jewish-dominated area of Melbourne over a “Muslim prayer group”  that meets in a council-owned hall.

Sharia arrives at your friendly Community House (Militant Islam Monitor)

The St Kilda Islamic Society has held Friday prayers at the facility for years, but the council now wants to change the venue’s permit to formalise the arrangement.

What kind of prayers?  This kind?

Bukhari (52:177) - Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

Not that kind? How about this one:

In the name of Allah The Beneficient, The Merciful. Nitro [urea] explosive is more powerful than T.N.T.”

What kind of sermons? Ever heard a sermon like that?

Libyan TV: Friday sermon accuses Zionists, Americans of instigating protests

There’s more:

Muslims “not planning occupation”

That council decision has given opponents of the prayer group the opportunity to get vocal.

The prayer group started in 2008 with a group of Melbourne taxi drivers who were looking for a place to worship.

They began meeting at the Alma Road Community House in Melbourne’s inner south-east, an area recognised as a Jewish enclave and does not have a local mosque.

These days about 35 men attend Friday prayers, including Qaiser Mohammed.

“They think that we are going to occupy this place. We are here for one hour [a week], just for the Friday prayer,” he said.

Port Phillip Council, which owns the hall, is seeking to change the facility’s planning permit to allow bigger groups to congregate.

This has focused attention on the venue’s existing uses, and suddenly a practice that has been happening quietly for years is now a matter of public debate.

Vickie Janson is from the Q Society, which is dedicated to fighting what it calls the “Islamisation of Australia”.

She says the group behind the Friday prayers are “doctrinally aligned” with extremists.

“I am against Sharia law in Australia. People have come here to embrace our freedoms, embrace the equality. Let’s not go down the track of Britain that has now set up 85 tribunals that act as Sharia courts,” she said.

Q Society is distributing petitions warning of unrest if the prayer group is allowed to continue.

“It is well documented that in many parts of the Islamic world, Friday prayers are noted for escalating violent outbursts towards non-Muslims. The gathering of a large group of Muslims in East St Kilda will likely strike terror into the hearts of local residents,” she said.

“There is a lot of Jewish people in the area. We know if we look around the world with these more extreme groups, anti-semitism is a problem.”

Mr Mohammed rejects claims his prayer group increases violence or in some way is anti-semitic.

He said the group does not want to introduce Sharia law and thinks those objecting to the prayers must be misinformed.

“They are linking us to the terrorist group. I saw their petition. It is completely wrong,” he said.

“They think that we are going to change this place to a mosque or something like that. That is not going to happen.

“Most of the people they don’t know what we are doing here. If someone comes up with something and they never come to us.”

Basic concerns

The petition also raises more basic concerns such as parking and water use.

Those viewing the petition online are referred to the website of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who last week said “Islam itself is the problem”.

Victorian State Labor MP Martin Foley says the situation is being blown out of proportion.

“The dog whistling that we have seen in Canberra in recent times has encouraged this kind of behaviour, and this group (Q Society) has just sought to whip up fear and pander to the worst elements of our community [and] should pull their head in,” he said.

The council has received about 50 objections to the planned change, though more than 200 have signed a petition supporting it.

Sandy Joffee operates the Community House on the council’s behalf.

“I’m a little surprised. I think there is prejudice in every community and we saw in the news recently the level of it. Nonetheless, I am a little disappointed that it is in my community as well,” she said.

But Ms Janson maintains there is genuine community concern.

“It’s not that you want to demonise people. While we have freedom of speech, I think we have to publicly discuss the issues, not just say ‘well that’s not nice, we can’t talk about it’,” she said.

Planning Minister Matthew Guy says he wants the matter resolved swiftly.

“We are confident that councils can manage issues such as place of worship competently and well, and indeed we want them to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” he said.

A decision is expected within two months.

13 thoughts on “'Allahu akbar' in St Kilda”

  1. Hello Qaiser Mohammed, did it ever cross your mind StKilda folks might not want you there at all, let alone for an hour a week?

  2. Australians won’t wake up until we’re regularly being blown to pieces or having our heads sawed off by the mohammedan savages.
    Even then it’s probably even money – heck, we voted in a freakin’ fabian communist for PM.

    I’m thinking about moving to another planet … or maybe under the sea; this world’s too bloody insane.

  3. Sri

    Muslims are not wanted anywhere. Even Muslim countries don’t want them, as they export as many as they can, while refusing to accept back any, even if they were illegal immigrants in the first place.

    What is astonishing is that Muslims despite being fully aware that they are not wanted in the UK or in the West , are still here. Don’t they have any shame? If I was not wanted in any country, I would be off. The idea of forcing myself on other people’s hospitality is deeply repugnant, and should be a matter of great shame to any honourable person.

  4. I know it DP111 – you obviously do too = all us who contribute to this site know it – so what kind of shit for brains do we have in our three tiers of government who let these things happen to us.

    Who will clean up their mess in time to come? Well it wont be any bleeding heart! They will be the first to run for cover. They are so pathetically moronic about the Islamic invasion of our country. Cant they see what is happenbinbg all over the world. Even their own kind dont want them anymore. So what’s to understand.

    I am ashamed that such stupidity is possessed by Australians. Those less than fifty percent we are told about who are not racist like we are said to be. There is a big difference between racism and foolhardy politicians bring evil into our midst. Will they be there to pull the bodies out of the first bombings to hit us. Too many have been caught with weapons and material to make bombs. In Sydney and Melbourne there are rocket launchers, and we all know it – it has been in every newspaper for years now.

    In that survey taken recently about Aussies being almost fifty percent against muslims, they did not count the opinion of babies, school children = older Australians, working people in general who make over 60 per cent of Australians = then their figures would show a different demographic of Australians who are politically savvy. Kids at school now know who to stay away from = the Islamic bullies who carry knives. I wonder how many muslims were interviewed in the survey?

    The survey is fatally flawed. Probably put together by some Islam loving church group, although friends of mine who are in religious orders are DEFINATELY AGAINST MUSLIMS COMING TO OUR SHORES. They know what is happening to the Christian workers in Africa and around the world. They are being murdered by Muslims. The Austrian parliament had a tirade against The genocidal Turks two days ago. No one on earth wants them anywhere, not now, not ever. They are too dangerous to be near – anywhere on earth.

  5. I often wonder why it is so hard to discuss any of these issues openly. Over the past several months (ever since I found out about the whole islamization thing) I’ve bought this up with people. I found that when I bought it up “one on one” a lot admitted they were very uncomfortable with what was going, as a whole. There was a general feeling that something sinister was happening and we were being kept from it by the brainwashing in the controlled media and by general social silencing.

    The racism survey was ridiculous. Probably thought up by academics looking for a research grant. Academics who live in a safe little bubble. What I notice is how much Australians ‘self-censor’ and follow polticial correctness, and how much non-white immigrants don’t feel they have to.

  6. Guys, the muslims are immigrating because the agenda is to spread islam. They are claiming they flee their countries because often it gets them accepted faster.

    The plan is to breed us out of existence. It is preached in their mosques and is stepping up.

    More and more are winning places in local, state and federal government because the population is growing big enough to vote them in.

    The average family is having 4 to 6 children, in a few years, they will have muslims in every seat. Then we are finished.

    The western world with its modern trend to lesser children is killing itself.

    They will win. We will live under shariah society ruling and we will disappear.
    Westerners have to start resistance. Not just words, but actions.

    If you don’t act on this post, you will remember it with regret. Trust me.

  7. Mohammedans dont go anywhere to INTEGRATE they go to DOMINATE and they dont care if they have to do it by fast or slow Jihad.

  8. One of the problems is that there are many “interfaith” rabbis, like Fred Morgan of Alma Road Temple of Doom, who welcome Muslims.

    Of course, they are either completely ignorant about Islam or in denial that Islam could really be so dreadful and hate Jews so much.

    One day they will wake up to reality, but in the meantime, these foolish people will be responsible for the demise of the rest of us.

  9. As usual The Sheik is in the know. No bakshish to be had on the path of Rightousness; only obstacles, pain and struggle. But then our great teacher said: Those of you right above target shall cop the most AKAK.
    So at least there is honour and good karma for the next round to be had.

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