US: Lubbock's Muslim Community Fears 'Backlash' Over Terror Arrest

Muslim community reacts to arrest

Here we go again: a Muslim attempts to mass-murder non-Muslims, and Muslims turn out to be the victims

The usual song & dance routine, thanks to Mullah (Source)

Lubbock, Texas: Muslim plots to mass-murder non-Muslims,  enemedia writes of “backlash” fears against Muslim community

The Muslims ‘are shocked!’, they  ‘reacted with surprise and dismay at the news of the arrest Wednesday of Saudi-born Lubbock resident Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari on charges of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and hoped the news would not lead to retaliation.’

Nobody knows him, no one ever knew him, no one ever heard of him, and anyhow: “Aldawsari is still a suspect and has not yet been proven guilty.”

Yes. And Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’- that’s what they say:

Members of Lubbock’s Muslim community reacted with surprise and dismay at the news of the arrest Wednesday of Saudi-born Lubbock resident Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari on charges of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and hoped the news would not lead to retaliation.

Imam Samer Altabaa of the Islamic Center of the South Plains had just begun to contact people in the Saudi community when contacted for comment Thursday.

He said he did not know Aldawsari and had not heard of him before the arrest. He also said no one in the Saudi community seemed to know Aldawsari, who identified himself as Muslim on his Facebook page.

“They are shocked,” he said of the people he contacted.

If the charges against Aldawsari are true, Altabaa said, the suspect’s absence from the local Muslim community is no surprise.

The suspect would “want to stay away from everyone if he is really planning for something bad,” Altabaa said.

Ben Chidmi, M.A.K. Lodhi, and Adil Farooq, who all came for the 2 p.m. prayer at the Islamic Student Center, said they did not know the suspected terrorist. Chidmi and Lodhi tempered their comments, pointing out Aldawsari is still a suspect and has not yet been proven guilty.

“They are just allegations,” Chidmi said. “If it’s true, I think the Muslim community condemns any action like that. We condemn violence and terrorism without reservations,” said the Texas Tech professor.

He is saying he condemns any kind of retaliation from the filthy kafirs that might arise out of Muslims being Muslims.

‘Islam is a religion of peace’

“We like to give (a) plain message to everyone that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion against terrorism or terrorists or any person who wants to terrify any human being,” Altabaa said.

Show me  verse and chapter in the Koran, imam!

“These terrorist people, they never come to a mosque because they don’t belong there,” Altabaa said.

The Muslim community is bracing itself for possible retaliation. The Islamic Student Center has been vandalized multiple times, and Altabaa said Lubbock police have agreed to provide security in the coming days for the Islamic Center and the Islamic Student Center.

Standard procedure. Muslims often vandalize their own property to cry victim…

Altabaa said retaliatory acts are often committed by people who do not know about Islam.

“We faced this before. We are afraid because there are some people that are ignorant or that don’t have enough information about Islam.”

See, if you would only submit to Islam you would no longer be ignorant…..

Altabaa added, “They don’t know that (Aldawsari) is an alien to Islam … He is the enemy of humanity, not only the religion.”


Lodhi, a professor of physics at Texas Tech, said many Muslims have become accustomed to occasional acts of aggression directed toward them. Once, he said, an elderly man confronted him at the Islamic Student Center saying, “You Muslims should not be around here. You should go away.”

Muslims are victims? Really?

“I try to explain that there is no threat, that Muslims are just as good as citizens in this country as anybody could be,” Lodhi said.

No they’re not. Muslims are religiously obliged to make Islam the dominant political system, by all and any means.

Local experience positive

Nevertheless, Lodhi described his experience in Lubbock as being positive overall.

“I personally come across people who are very helpful, considerate and understanding,” Lodhi said.

Good dhimmies. The Hippie generation is still stuck on love and dope….

Farooq, a mechanical engineering student at Texas Tech, also had faith in the Lubbock community to act with nuance.

“My experience in Lubbock thus far has been good,” he said.

“These are just individual acts of violence that we should all work together and speak against,” added Farooq.

No. They follow the belief system of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.

Altabaa expressed appreciation for the role intelligence sources had in capturing the suspect.

“They are keeping our country safe from these terrorists,” he said.

When asked about the Quran’s stance on violent and terrorist acts, Altabaa responded, “The Quran always calls all Muslims to commit to peace, to live with peace, especially with non-Muslims.”

No it doesn’t.  It says strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.

He added, “God sent (Mohammed) to have mercy in the world, and to spread mercy on all creation of the world.”

“I was made victorious with terror”, Muhammad, profit of Islam.

Quoting a translation of the Quran, Altabaa said, “Whoever kills one person, (it is as) if he killed all human beings; he is equal to a person who killed all human beings. And whoever saves one person’s life, (it is as) if he saved all human beings. The Quran makes it clear to every Muslim.”

“Muslims are people of peace,” said the imam, “because this is what Islam means.”

No, it doesn’t. Islam means  SUBMISSION. Submission under the doctrine of Islam. And anything that advances the spread of Islam, including terrorizing infidels, is explicitly demanded, not only allowed.



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  1. It must be high time for Muslims NOT to be shocked and dismayed.

    As for the backlash, well, don’t know where that is. I was under the impression that if it was anywhere, it would be in Texas. But it isn’t.

  2. If an actual backlash actually occurred I’m sure many of them would suffer a heart attack due to the shock.

  3. well gee, then maybe they need to do something to change or stop the violence that they fund via their zakat (sharia law: h8.17) or allow since ALL moslems in dar al harb are supposed to wage jihad via violence and/or stealth (sharia law: o9).

  4. I would like to comment on this story:

    Video: Rhode Island union supporter to cameraman – “I’ll f**k you in the ass, you faggot”

    I profess that this man should have immediately been killed. This is my logic:

    1. Homosexuals are known to be extremely promiscuous.
    2. This behavior can and has spread the fatal disease HIV, also known as AIDS which leads to ARC, and without lifelong treatment, death.
    3. By threatening to rape another man, rectally, the person who said this actually spoke a “Freudian Slip” and may be assumed to be a homosexual.
    4. Homosexuals may kill you by infecting you with HIV.

    Ergo, this man threatened to murder another man, via homosexual rape, without prophylactic protection, which may be construed as attempted murder. He must be immediately killed to prevent him from raping other people, and thereby infecting them with the fatal disease called HIV.

    Know what I’m sayin’, ese?

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